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June 29, 2003

why I hate disney

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I hate disney. I don’t care what it is, if they had anything to do with the making of it, I hate it. I hold strong to my beliefs. If I don’t like where it’s coming from, I don’t give a rats ass if it’s good or not. I’ll look elsewhere. The least I need to do is give them enough credit to say I liked something they made. The most I need to do is disconnect the TV when my sister won’t change the channel when I ask her to multiple times.

I see her watching this show, it’s a cartoon with a bunch of politically correct colored people. Yes that’s right, there’s black people and white people and all that fun stuff doing stereotypical teenage things, such as dressing up slutty and going to pop-music infested dances. This isn’t a reality show, or a show about the life of some slutty-dressing 13 year old girl, this is a cartoon that simulates one. I’m disgusted. I’m even thinking of becoming racist just so I have one more reason to hate politically correct TV.

It annoyed me to the point where I went into the basement and disconnected the TV she was watching from the splitter. I can’t even ignore it if I try, that’s how much disney bothers me. Soon after as I’m about to go upstairs I hear my sister going on behind my back about how all I do is try to take over the TV and watch the stuff I like (mostly anime) and tries desperately to make it sound like I’m a hypocrite. I’m the one brainwashed by TV, not her. This is obviously bullshit, you don’t see me going around acting just like people on TV as she does. I’d kill myself the day I’m obsessed with fashion and pop-music.

To be honest, I can’t ever hear what the hell is on the TV in the kitchen because everyone is making noise and it’s hard to listen while you’re chewing. So if it’s one of the shows I watch, I end up watching the recording of it. I don’t care what everyone watches in the kitchen. Hell to be honest I don’t even think there should be a TV in the kitchen because it always leads to stupid shit like people fighting over what channel to watch.

So why do I hate disney and viacom so much? On top of the politically correct bullshit and shows that portray stereotypical shallow teenagers, their business methods aren’t the greatest either. To them this is about the money. They play whatever sells, and sell stuff to them simultaneously. They sell the latest fashion trends, the latest music, the latest fads, just turn one of these channels on for a few minutes and you know what I’m talking about.

The disney channel has basically turned into MTV, they even have artists and such that they play the music videos of. I don’t even watch this channel and I see this stuff just from the occasional glance I get from the TV my sister leaves on, as she never cleans up when shes done with something. Just like MTV, music isn’t what’s mainly played. Instead, it’s shows that force-feed the latest trends. Disney should quit acting like it’s a wholesome family company that makes children’s movies and show their true face. A giant media monopoly, just like the rest of them. Out to make the quickest buck and buy their way through the judiciary system.

I don’t really care what’s on the kitchen TV, as long as it’s not disney, mtv, nick, or anything owned by viacom or disney. Got a problem? Deal with it. I’ll unplug the damn TV.

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