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July 6, 2003

drunk driving commercials

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So I’m sure you’ve all seen these new drunk driving commercials. It’s basically like a cop pulls some people over and is like “I detect the presence of alcohol please step out of the vehicle” then it states that cops everywhere are cracking down on drunk driving. Blah blah blah more bullshit propaganda.

Do you really think anyone actually WANTS to drink and drive? I mean these commercials make it seem like it. No one wants to drink and drive. It just so happens they get drunk and have to drive somewhere, drunk or not. I’m totally aware of the fact that drunk drivers have higher accident rates and all but still, these commercials are just as effective as those Ad Council commercials with the business man shouting “2 points” when he throws out the black guy’s resume. No racist would be changed by it, shit they’d probably laugh.

Drunk driving isn’t really the problem here though. It’s people not planning ahead, that’s the real problem. Plus being drunk is not that fun. I mean come on who actually likes being drunk, it’s much more painful then it is fun. And people act stupid while doing it, though this is common with most drugs. They feel they have to live into some kind of stereotype while on them.

Go to parties, get drunk, start dancing like a moron, drive home. I don’t get why people need to get drunk to dance like a moron, perhaps to get rid of the embarrassment or blame the embarrassment on the drug. Which is really the stereotype of the drug they’re blaming it on, not the actual effects of it. Dancing is stupid. It’s a silly ritual, like Indians who smoke the “peace pipe” and then do crazy rain dances.

Drugs throughout history have been linked with stupidity. This is wrong. Stupidity has been stereotyped as something that drugs do to you, but they really don’t. They alter your consciousness. And as the brain is like a bunch of modules that get loaded in and out of consciousness, an altered one means that you perceive those modules differently. This doesn’t make you stupid unless you start acting stupid on your on. Which is easy to do when you’ve been surrounded by the stereotype that drugs make you stupid, on top of the fact that you’re in an altered state of consciousness.

So basically my conclusion is that, probably due to the anti-drug bullshit, drugs have been labeled “stupid and bad” and people who do them are “stupid and bad.” So of course, the drugs must make you “stupid and bad.” This is all wrong though. For a lot of people they don’t make them stupid or bad, seeing the world different leads them to new ideas which they may have never thought of. While it probably isn’t the greatest for their health, everyone has a health stressor. whether it be diet, lack of exercise, environmental variables, sleeping habits, or drugs. Most drugs are not very damaging unless done long term, like any of the other health stressors.

Basically the conclusion is drugs aren’t stupid, people are stupid. They don’t think ahead, they live into stereotypes which were only created to make people think bad about drugs and then blame the drugs for it all. I’m tired of this prohibition propaganda. It’s getting old. I don’t need to see some cop on a TV commercial to know that people are stupid. People will still drink and drive it, sometimes they don’t have any other option.

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  1. (By the way, It’s Steph…
    Also… it is SO hard to contact you. I would have much rather emailed this all to you, but alas I do not have your email and you are not online.. probably still sleeping… so I’ll just post this and you can delete it. Mwah!)

    Fated Midnight: I’m just trying to get a point across..and thats not to think i’m going to be like what you remember..
    BrandNizzle615: no… but i understand why you dont want to talk to me. which is fine. i can handle just about anything right now.
    BrandNizzle615: i don’t really remember you… except of what Xero has told me…
    Fated Midnight: ….
    Fated Midnight: Xero and I weren’t on the best of Terms.
    BrandNizzle615: oh i know.
    BrandNizzle615: it’s too bad he has always been one of my best friends.
    Fated Midnight: Its too bad hes a beligerent bastard and anyone who even acknowledges him as a friend is not only encouraging him to continue the way he is, but just as bad as him.
    BrandNizzle615: oh really?
    Fated Midnight: don’t you think so?
    BrandNizzle615: no. im sorry. i think he is one of the most intelligent people i know. he just doesn’t take shit from stupid people… and aw was filled with stupid people.
    Fated Midnight: Never said he wasn’t intelligent.
    Fated Midnight: He is, quite intelligent.
    Fated Midnight: But you know what?
    Fated Midnight: he is one of those stupid people most of the time.
    Fated Midnight: thats all i’ve got to say..
    Fated Midnight: So I guess i’ll talk to you later
    Fated Midnight: Nothing to say? Alright, guess i’ll take that as a Bye
    BrandNizzle615: bye.
    Fated Midnight: *waves*
    Fated Midnight: oh – and this is why I didn’t want to talk to you..there wasn’t any other reason.
    BrandNizzle615: this?
    Fated Midnight: this..
    BrandNizzle615: because of xero?
    Fated Midnight: No
    BrandNizzle615: i think you are insane.
    Fated Midnight: because I was afraid we’d get into an argument of some type
    Fated Midnight: uhm..jee thanks.
    Fated Midnight: some nice person you are..
    BrandNizzle615: i can’t deal with this right now.
    Fated Midnight: so you choose to call me insane..nice call..
    Fated Midnight: well when you’re feeling better, i’ll explain to you why I saw this coming.
    BrandNizzle615: just explain it now.
    Fated Midnight: alright…
    Fated Midnight: Most People I think are idiots, or theres something wrong with them. Lots of people today don’t realize it, but what they do, they do under the influence of their friends. All Sheep, and no one understands this. It really pisses me off sometimes, because I wonder if people can be this dumb. I don’t know if you’re a Sheep or not, but I can’t stand most people because of it.
    BrandNizzle615: great. great. i’m glad you think so negatively. maybe you shouldn’t be so close minded. anyhow, its your like and you can think what you want. i’m done with this. goodbye.
    BrandNizzle615: *life
    Fated Midnight: I never said I was close minded, and Its not negative thinking, its realistic thinking.
    BrandNizzle615: i said goodbye.
    Fated Midnight: What a bitch.

    Comment by anonymous — July 29, 2003 @ 9:39 am

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