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August 16, 2003

a complex battle

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between the government, the mini-governments that control it, and the consumers.

A battle which has been going on for thousands of years if not more. The issue of what the battle is about has always changed but the battle itself has always been there. Even now there are multiple battles in the world over inequalities. While nothing can be truly equal we can at least try to make the world a better place for everyone.

It really is a shame that people are so selfish. It’s instinct though, people’s own survival and pleasure comes before everyone else’s. And in some instances even more then that is between the two. Equality is not going to make peace. It’s not going to make crime go away. It’s not going to solve every one of these silly issues that you always hear the political leaders talk about. It’s going to make the world better for everyone as a whole.

You have to give to get, and some people will be getting more then they ever gave, especially those who are in or below poverty. It will give them a second chance. It will give those who are below more, and those who are above less. It will try to make everyone closer to the middle.

Is that a bad thing? While this isn’t truly equal, you can become slightly above the norm or slightly below if you did no work at all, you would be entirely provided for when it comes to basic needs and communication tools such as foods, housing, phones, television, and even internet access. You work more, you can get more and upgrade the things you have. You work none, you get the basic package. Most people won’t want to settle for that but at least the ones that do won’t be forced to go to crime to survive.

People want to feel special though. They want to feel like they can be better then everyone else and just benefit themselves and the close group around them. Some don’t even care about these issues or maybe even benefit from the current system because they’re above the rest. These people will be the ones who either disagree, or don’t even want to understand the problem.

So you take from the rich and give to the poor. You make the system more equal then what? A fair system. Communism puts trust in humanity to create equality. Sadly enough we broke it’s trust, and it’s only a concept, it’s not even a living creature. Now what? If we can’t even trust ourselves to make things right what can we trust?

There has to be unfairness in everything and force will need to be employed to keep the system working, no different then it is now. At least now everyones getting taken care of so they have less to complain about. Everyone still has a reason to get a job, though maybe for the lazy it’d be slightly less of one. Still it’s not much different from today. The government would have to control the money distribution in this system.

A CEO and a construction worker would get the same pay if they worked for the same company. Their jobs are just as important as each other, despite the work differences. The company has to work as a whole. The company does better? Everyone gets paid more. People who do manual labor, such as contruction workers, these people are no less important than the guy at the top making the decisions. One sits on his ass all day and makes decisions while the other works all day and carries out those decisions.

If one was without the other the company would fail. Why should one get paid more? Are they doing more or less work? They’re both doing work just different types of it. Pay them the same, it’s so easy to do. Of course this system requires trust in the government to make the right decisions. To pay the right amount of money to people. This system also requires that the government doesn’t get corrupted and try to make the leaders the richest people in the country and leave everyone else out. They’d have to get paid the same salary as everyone else.

How do you keep that going though? How do you prevent the money distribution worker from taking the money for himself? Do people who work at mints steal all the money at the mint? No. This same kind of trust has to be applied to the government and the citizens for this to work. Right now no one trusts the government, and the government likes to treat everyone as a potential criminal.

This isn’t a system that’s going anywhere. In a world where we like to charge money for ideas this is bound to happen though. With the current systems monopolies are promoted through our copyright system which has fallen apart. It’s no longer there to protect anyone but the pockets of the giant media controlling distributors. And if you’re lucky, you might get a cut.

It’s all about manipulation in the current system. You get to the top and typically stay there. People with millions of dollars are still working raking in even more money, making the system even more unbalanced. While some people need to work to keep themselves sane, in a better system they wouldn’t be able to horde all the money. Much of it would be given back to the system to help provide the basic package of living requirements to those who make less.

It’s kind of like a tax, but in reality it’s a way to keep everyone near the middle without going to the two extremes. Survival of the fittest, that’s what our current system takes to it’s fullest potential. While the ideas I have stated would still support that idea, it wouldn’t let anyone have too much of an advantage over everyone else.

Just think of the potential this has to destroy monopolies. They can’t become one anymore as most of their control would just be distributed back to the public to provide basic needs. Copyright would have to be eliminated. Thought control isn’t going to benefit everyone as a whole, just the few people at the top of the system. It creates large inequalities in our current system, this is not something I would stand for in a system of my own.

Some people think they should get money for all their hard work, but guess what? No one forced them to do that work, nor did anyone force them to give it out, so if you want money fine, but anyone else can make money off that same idea as well, or else you’re just being unfair.

Equality comes with a price. Put up or shut up. If you want peace you can’t expect to get it as long as there are those that are selfish and want the world to be theirs. Political leaders make money too you know, they’re far from being unselfish, and in the end, no different from everyone else. Putting themselves before others.

In a system such as mine silly things like looks, fashion, pop idols, useless decoration that can’t even be considered art due to it’s only purpose of creation being to make money, these things would be eliminated. Everyone would live in a house made of modules with built in insulation, wiring, tubing, among other things. They’d connect together and have the ability to be upgraded. As you work more, the more modules you can choose to receive. It would be as efficient as possible and looks would come after efficiency.

The government would give you more modules for free if more people occupy the house. Or if that person wanted to live on their own and were of legal age, they could have their own modular house provided to them by the government. And the more you and everyone else living there worked, the more you could upgrade it as a whole, as well as the appliances you have in it. A system where everything keeps itself updated, even for the poor, it would just take them a bit longer to receive the updates, as they are working less. No update would be required unless it’s a potential health hazard.

People can choose to use the money they would have received for the upgrade to be used for something else if they wanted. Money from jobs would go first to the upgrades for everyone as a whole, then second to personal upgrades of your own choosing. Or even to buy something new, not unlike the current system. You would have complete choice over what to buy not much unlike today. Efficiency would just be much more prevalent in this system.

The system updates itself. It keeps itself safe, it keeps everyone in it provided for. No one would be extremely rich and the homeless would no longer exist. The 2 extremes will be eliminated. It almost seems like a utopia of a sort but the fact is, it would be entirely possible if the rich of today would give up some of what they had to help out the rest of humanity.

In a world with such corruption it’s impossible for me to imagine a system like mine ever happening. I can dream though. That is, until they copyright that as well.

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