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September 6, 2003

e pluribus unum is a stupid quote

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This quote pisses me off. Out of many, one? Yeah so there’s a bunch of fucking states that had their differences but out of them all, one, because there’s the federal government, reminding everyone who’s their bitch. Seriously what the fuck is that supposed to mean, out of many, one?

Big fucking deal. It’s annoying. Especially that ad council commercial with everyone saying “I am an american” and at the end it says “E Pluribus Unum” as if it means that you’re an individual. The quote has nothing at all to do with individuality. It doesn’t say one out spectacular person out of many, no. It’s the exact opposite, out of many, one. So you’re just reduced to a tiny little plankton in a giant sea of fish.

This quote is on everything, coins, commercials, and implanted in wannabe-patriots heads. This quote is useless. It’s not the 13 states any more. It’s no longer 1776. How the hell this stupid quote stuck around so long, I’d never know. I’d bet it’s big corporation america trying to make it sound like it’s the “good ol days.” It’s more like a bunch of corporate bullshit with silly buzzwords and propaganda.

All it really does is show how much it’s not that way anymore and how inappropriate it is in current day. Why do we need silly quotes and propaganda telling people to have pride in being an american? Is someone insecure about their falling empire? Does someone sense failure is approaching? Sure as hell seems like it.

A more appropriate quote would be “statistically, you mean nothing.” Or perhaps “if we cared about you, we’d put a little more effort into our pseudo-patriotic quote making process.” Shit even I can do a better job then them, they should hire me.

America pisses me off.

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    its xero!

    Comment by charredsquirrel — September 9, 2003 @ 1:16 am

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