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September 16, 2003

above the rest, or rest below?

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So I’m in driver ed today (yesterday) and some kids are chatting and one mentions how he had stayed up to 3 in the morning the day and was tired and I mentioned how I had stayed up to 5, which it is right now actually, and how I slept until like 5 in the afternoon. After this of course some people obviously ask don’t you go to school?

Of course I don’t have the time to go into any detailed explanations, this isn’t chat hour it’s driver education so I just usually say “I do computer stuff and I plan to get my GED and head off to college.” Later in the class, some girl starts asking me about it, she seemed amazed by the fact that I didn’t go to school. I tell her the usual and say how I plan to get my license and a job and what not and she basically says she doubts my plans because I won’t have a high school diploma and the emotion I read from her face and tone of voice was pure disgust.

I was probably more disgusted then she was though. I felt for the first time in my life that everyone around me wasn’t as smart as I was. Not in an egotistical way though. In a way that they’ve been raised in a society which expects a norm, and all of which have followed without a question. Why are people so easily led?

I recently have been using the analogy that some people are like cats and some are like dogs. Some people will do anything for a treat or some positive reinforcement. At the same time, some aren’t led so easily, they want the treat up front and will decide later whether or not they will do what you want. Most people seem to fit my definition of a dog.

There are some who have pets purely because they’re cute and some because they enjoy their company. At the same time there is a game of manipulation going on between pet and owner. Pet relies on owner for all its basic needs and owner provides them. What if the pet wants something else? Many times they don’t know any other way so they simply continue without a doubt.

I suppose my comparison between humans and other animals has been a pretty big topic to me but it’s interesting how similar they really are. Some religions don’t even accept humans as the same as other animals, they see us as above them, but all as being one of gods creatures. Well screw god and other self-satisfying wishes and let’s get back to reality for now.

People are expected to be of the norm. If they are not, typically society rejects them. Some try to masquerade as the norm to acquire a social position. I don’t ever put on a mask though. I try to ignore the norms and when people mention they do something that follows them I disregard it. I don’t have the time to fight those who follow the norms all day, nor can I fully explain my position to everyone in a short period of time.

Animals have a way of grouping together and outcasting. Those who do not follow a set standard are the ones who are outcasts. The outcasts sometimes form a group and then the process repeats. Why follow any specific standard when it’s so much easier to be variable? Why do people have the urge to believe instead of just to have ideas?

Most likely because if you believe in something, and everyone else around you does, everything will seem in control. Since there is nothing to defy you, how could anything possibly go wrong? It’s not until you stare into the face of the truth that the problems start. The believers will deny it, because they do not want to be proved wrong. Who does, other then those looking for the truth? A believer is never looking for the truth, just control.

As animals, territory is what we seek. Control is the method of gain. Mental territory is something our larger brains have given us, and with it, more inequalities.

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    Comment by anonymous — September 16, 2003 @ 9:17 pm

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