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December 9, 2003

A downpour of emogirlism: An update on the status of american teenage culture.

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There’s still emogirlism rampant and it’s as bad as ever. People listening to music whenever they feel “down” so they can get the message “you’re not the only one!” What ever happened to kids talking to their parents when they have a problem? Ah but the family structure has been replaced and now kids get their comfort from corporate idols

It’s another form of emogirlism and this one involves bands who usually claim to be punk or (nu-)metal (this is typical of all emogirlism.) Usually they claim to be anti-american but really just promote anti-racist and anti-war(crime) messages. You know, like tolerate others and such? Remember that propaganda the schools were giving? Yeah, that, but in a “cool” hip way. Throw in claims of being anarchist and the kids are instantly wowed over despite them promoting pro-american views.

Oppress the oppressors is the message they give. Aren’t you now repressing yourself though? Propaganda is usually contradicting, this is no different. And just remember, these are the same teenagers going through high school right now that will become the future leaders of america. These aren’t kids who’ve actually taken action on any of “their” beliefs. I quote their because they didn’t even make the belief them self, they took it off some idol.

These kids will, of course, be going to college soon, become party animals, forget about the silly anti-american ideals when they realize mommy and daddy won’t be there for them their whole life, and then decide to get a job, joining the system, on the contrary to what their teen years would have led you to believe.

Teenagers trying to establish their identities by disagreeing with the masses on stereotypical things that they didn’t even come up with themselves. That’s not exactly the best approach. With recent society teenagers are becoming adults at younger ages then we let them, and they are stuck in a phase of being treated like children for too long, causing this situation to grow even worse.

What do the adults do about it though? They send them off to a prison like daycare center that is supposed to be teaching them how to survive in the world, but instead dissociates them from it while running them through silly tests and quizzes which are soon after forgotten. Don’t think that when these people grow up that they won’t expect you to have gone through it too. They will.

It’s because they abandoned what they thought in their teenage years to the beliefs of the real world. In a way upgrading their system but still following the path that has been presented to them. They’re just as bad as they were before but now they’re twisted into it much deeper. Their behavior is almost robot like. Maybe if they truly did grow up they’d realize how silly their teenage life was, how silly their beliefs were, and how silly what they went through was. And sometimes they do, and just say it’s normal, which doesn’t change the situation any. They are too into the system at this point to disagree.

The real problem? Capitalizing behavior. Of course capitalism will promote capitalistic behavior but the system actually worked better when people DIDN’T try to capitalize as much, manipulation of the system at that time would have been much harder and therefor the system would have been more equal then one where everyone is an expert on it.

That’s why most new governments start out good and go bad later on. Don’t get me wrong, some start out bad and die or start out bad and go good, but we’re not talking about those. Every new leader presents a great view for the future but what they provide is usually never much more spectacular then the last.

People still vote based on the spectacular view they give though. Campaign advertising at this point should be ignored completely. It usually never gives any real reason to vote one way or another, just giving spectacular views of the person, or putting down the opponent. Neither really are beneficial to them logically, but most people aren’t logical.

It’s going downhill and it doesn’t look to be coming up, but no system lasts forever so I’d expect drastic change within 200 years. On to a new system which will later fail. Governments are boring and unexciting, hating them isn’t really worth it.

Even if you do hate the government it doesn’t really mean much if you don’t do anything about it. Most teenagers hate them for silly reasons so this usually applies. The bands they listen to claim they support anarchy but what they talk about (racism,war crimes) isn’t even stuff the government has much control over, so why are these bands claiming to be anti-government?

The kids buy it, that’s why. Oppress the oppressors! Hey it involves outcasting a certain group, kids will love it! Tolerate difference? Accept it? How about we just not give a shit. The former two options are giving too much thought to it, leading your average (stupid) person to completely disregard it all and end up hating the people they’re told to accept for some other reason.

Of course when the school propaganda teaches this to the kids it’s not cool, so who do they get the message from? The latest “cool” band of course!

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  1. dude i couldnt even read this, the tears in my eyes were so thick that i couldnt even process what i was reading, it was just that blurry because ive been crying all day and listening to dashboard confessional…

    Comment by stcga1 — December 19, 2003 @ 7:09 pm

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