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February 5, 2004

cats vs humans

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It’s time for a quick little comparison of cats and humans to show you how inferior we are.

cats beat the shit out of anything that movies
humans beat the shit out of things they don’t like
cats see well in the dark
humans wear glasses
cats can survive in the wild
human suburbanites wouldn’t last a week in the wild
cats have fur
humans are mutated bald monkeys
cats clean themselves
humans use chemicals to clean things
cats don’t need clothes
humans have large societies based around material objects such as clothes
cats have unlimited pride
humanity is full of broken egos
cats don’t care about silly bullshit
humans make it a point to care as if caring makes them less of a parasite to the planet
cats are colorful
humans tend separate out colorful people
cats hear good
humans go to parties and subject themselves to overly loud music for hours and then wonder why they have hearing loss
cats are typically very physical and in shape unless fattened by human overlords
humans are physically inferior because of their over dependence on material objects
cats are cool looking
humans look stupid
cats are oblivious to stupidity
humans are obliviously stupid
cats are better then you
humans never like to admit defeat

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