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February 22, 2004

The fall of good taste

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Why is it that all recent cars and computer cases are ugly? What is with this? Why has everyones taste dropped so dramatically to the point where the amount of money you spent and the supposed “safety” features are more important then the actual design of the car?

I mean come on it’s one thing to just want a car to get you places but just because a car is a piece of shit doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. So I’m here to determine the problem.

Japanese people.

Ok, not really. It’s the people buying the crap that have the problem. I can’t even imagine the conversation leading some half intelligent person to buy one of those ugly new minivans or any new recent car. With headlights curved into the body all streamline like yet ugly as shit, with over abundant use of plastic and the color yellow, the car industry has gone down the drain.

Even companies once known for producing nice cars are starting to get into ugly territory. Look at the new BMW 7 series. Now kill yourself. See?

So what is the deal? Why are people buying ugly cars? You ever hear that the look of a car has emotion cause the grill and headlights make it look like a face or some crap like that? Well just think of the emotion someone who bought a Honda Element has and you’ve realized that modern society has just gone down the drain. I’m tired of ugly cars.

And computer cases apparently have this same fate. More plastic, more ugly conflicting colors. Why has all design and artistic process gone down the drain in the commercial world? Why has everything become even more robotic like in behavior? Why does capitalism gone wrong turn into a broken communism? What is with pet dogs? Why do people voluntarily make noises when they sneeze? What the fuck?

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