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March 23, 2004

people are annoying

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More than ever I seem to get people asking, so, what do you do with your time? Since they all apparently think I sit around doing nothing all day as if it’s possible to do absolutely nothing without doing something.

So what do I say? Oh, the typical bullshit that gets them to go away, and while what I say isn’t a lie it’s far from the full story and enough to shut them up. So I say…oh..listen to music, talk to friends, read the news, etc. And while I do those things, the spontaneous events that pop up during the day occupy just as much time in my life as they do in anyone else’s.

What do people think that because I don’t spend 6-8 hours a day at school that I don’t find another way to make that time up? You’d have to be pretty damn thick to think that I just sit there doing nothing for that long. I mean come on, I’m not some chinese zen master meditating on a rock on the top of mount everest for a month without food or water.

What does it matter what I do anyway? I don’t ask what other people do. Am I supposed to ask, oh what did you do in school today? No, because I couldn’t give a rats ass. It’s all predictable and useless. Oh, but I might occasionally get the desperately-trying-to-be-funny story of the day. You know, the one where sally spilled her milk and went to pick it up and you could see a poop stain on her underwear! OH MY GOD it was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing. omgomgomg. I’m sure you know the kind of bullshit I’m talking about. It’s useless idle chatter that I don’t need to hear.

Then they might ask me how I’m doing? How the hell do you think I’m doing? My dad has fucking cancer and my life is collapsing around me, what the hell do you think, my life is peachy? And I’m just as tired of people who think I’ve lived a golden life just because my parents had money. Sorry but money doesn’t equal happiness. I thought everyone knew that.

And I’m tired of the expectation that everyone under 18 is going to school. It makes me wish I could go blow up some schools and wipe out the motherfuckers all together that way I don’t have to hear this bullshit. I don’t care if you think school teaches people, it doesn’t do anything for me so get the hell over it. I don’t care what your capitalist society has brought you up to think, and for all I care you can shove it right up your ass.

Why is it that most services that are supposed to do good usually end up doing bad? Why is it that doing “good” is usually always done by the greedy? Why the fuck is the world so stupid? It’s starting to hit me like a ton of bricks how stupid the world is and how easy it would be to change but since the world is full of followers and followers don’t like to change it’s like an everlasting loop of bullshit.

It’d be nice if we had a stupid elimination process in which we could just dedicate a whole country to stupid people and ship them all there, then have a crew of certified testers to weed out any smart children the stupid people may have and ship them to one of the un-stupid countries. I think we can just assume that all greedy capitalist pigs are stupid so lets just send all the people who run giant monopolies to the united-states-of-stupid right now. Oh wait, they’re already there.

I really am starting to hate people more and more to the point where I just don’t want to talk to anyone because I’ll find all these things I don’t like about them right away. One or two things I hate about them I can put up with, but when it’s like their whole life is based upon something that I hate, it’s just like…go away. It’s not like that with everyone but when it’s like 99% of the people I run into its almost easier to just avoid all new people then it is to worry about finding the ones I don’t mind. Kind of sad eh? And amazing at the same time, that so many people are so stupid.

How do you know if I hate you? Well it’s easy, I probably will nod off or make noises at you instead of talking to you, and answer your silly small talk with sarcasm. Even family bond isn’t enough to stop me from hating you, I don’t care who you are, if you’re stupid in my book, that’s just how it is. Also, I hate kids. Especially american kids. Bring out the gas chambers lets kill them all.

I saw some sign today on the road it was like Don’t need to abort! With a picture of a black baby and a little thing under it saying “pro-life education” or some shit and a phone number. I wanted to kill 10 babies just out of spite.

I hate kids and their damn pop music and idolism and watching brainless tv shows about relationships and other senseless bullshit which even my cat would be able to tell is stupid. Oh yeah, if you watch american idol, I probably hate you.

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