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March 27, 2004

well how about that, people like me

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Well how about that, people like me. That I hate. They keep coming back, they want more action! I guess without their daily dose of me they’re not as much of a man.

When you meet people who use logic like this: “Well I guess that seemed like it could be possibly certain” then you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

Why do people refuse logic anyway? I mean it’s like they don’t want to be right, and be right at the same time. They want to be wrong and have that be right, because it’s easier to accept. It’s easier to be wrong and think you’re right then it is to change your point of view, I suppose. It’s easier to be ignorant when you’re an egoist. That way nothing defeats you.

I suppose the real problem is people who challenge me and come unprepared. So while they’re running around with their pants down and using logical fallacies, I usually just point out what I know but without turning that into a fixed belief. People seem to be offended by that.

It’s like even if I lose I win because I’m not putting anything up for stakes, and I only gain new knowledge from any loss. Too bad I rarely lose, but that’s not my fault. It’s because too many people are believers and take a debate too personally. It’s not about who’s the most right or what not, it’s about discovering the truth and other alternative possibilities. It’s about new knowledge.

The human ego doesn’t seem to like that idea, and competition has been programmed into too many peoples minds. I’ve never considered myself very competitive and with good reason – what’s the point?

Why does winning matter so much? Why do people always insist that I won’t admit I’m wrong when they can’t prove their point? Why are people so illogical? Why do peoples ego’s work on the idea that if they’re wrong that it’s somehow bad? Why is society based upon beliefs and traditions which serve no real purpose and only seem to be based off illogicality? Why do we proclaim ourselves to be the smartest specie?

Guess what it’s time for? Yes that’s right, cat comparisons.

Human egos are hurt after failure
Cats acts like failure doesn’t even exist and proceed to the next task
Human egos are fragile and easily broken
I wouldn’t even know how to hurt a cats ego
Humans use illogicality to prove they are right, even when they’re not
Cats do what they want and don’t care about being right or wrong not to mention having no need to use illogical methods, just basic trial and error
Humans are so full of themselves that they think they’re superior to other species and at the same time degrade themselves.
Cats usually know when to give up.

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