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April 12, 2004


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How many years will it take before people realize god doesn’t exist? I’m serious.

Also, what’s with military commercials? Who in their right mind wants to do that shit? Sure it might pay but at the expensive of all dignity.

Anyway, I’ve been due for a list of things I hate (and people) for a while so let’s get started.

People who join the military
People who believe in god
People who say they were “just like you”
People who are ignorant (see above)
People who nag me to do unimportant tasks
People who are unable to learn anything without personal tutoring
People who like pop music
People who like disney
People who like copyright
People who like prohibition
People who argue invalid points, never get them across, and still do it anyway
People who say hysterical instead of hilarious
People who put the toilet paper roll on backwards (you know who you are)
People who like the PT Crusier, Honda Element, H2, Minivans, or SUV’s made by sports car manufacturers.
People who have no taste (see above)
Ad Council/AntiDrug/Truth Commercials
Companies/trade groups that consistently screw people over in the name of good
People who vote for republicans/democrats and actually think they made a difference
People who insist voting makes a difference
Vote commercials made by MTV
People who disagree with me publicly then later on agree with me
People who disagree with me only later to agree with me and then at the end make it seem we agreed all along, as if to avoid admitting they changed their mind because of me
People who use logical fallacies
People who’s names are pronounced differently than they are spelled
People who say they are being sarcastic when they were just lying or being abusive
People who like something just because of how expensive it is
People who are blind to their own stupidity
People who disagree with the things I said here

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