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April 13, 2004

I hate my family

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I hate my family. It’s true. I can’t stand them. Well, to be more specific, I hate my dads family. There’s a few neat people but it’s mostly insanity.

They’re all nags. All of them. They’re all spoiled, lazy, and demanding. It’s amazing they even get anything done the way they are. Okay more specifically my dads parents. They’re insane. The more time I spend around them the more insane I get. On top of the fact that I was raised much the same way. I’m glad some people were willing to tell me how stupid I was being at the time.

I don’t really put up with them so I have no problem yelling back at them. An eye for an eye, they will get a face full if they attempt to mess with me.

Normally they don’t bother me to the breaking point but with this bullshit with my dad going down it’s pretty insane around here. Lucky for me they’re usually only here at night most of the time.

Today was annoying though. Oh yeah, they don’t deserve to have a drivers license. 80 yrs old + driving = no. Scares the fuck out of me every time I have to sit in a car with them at the wheel.

Anyway, today was annoying. I walk in while I’m in the middle of helping my cousins friend change the tires on my dads car (which he shouldn’t have fucking bought/resold the old ones while he was still sick) and I walk up to grab the keys and they start bitching about some empty boxes that were on the floor. I said I’d take them out like 2 days ago but they’re so damn picky. They don’t seem to realize that I have things I do and I was out all day today and yesterday and on top of that it’s been raining like hell and not exactly the most logical time to do it.

On top of all this there’s the stress from my dads condition in general which is annoying as hell.

So anyway, I get home and have about an hour or two to myself (I hadn’t remembered the boxes, on top of that, still pouring outside) I walk up and they start yelling at me and shit so I grab the keys I was looking for and just walk away, I don’t want to deal with their bullshit. They’re flipping out and making it out to be that they’re doing it for my dad, as if my dad cares about some boxes on the god damn floor, he’s more of a slob then I ever will be. You know what he does care about though? The tires on his car.

Which is what I was helping out with, until the constant disturbances. I skipped eating dinner because I’m so stressed from it all I lost my appetite. Old people piss me off, I swear all old people are total nags, they just use their age as an excuse to boss me around.

Know what’s even more ridiculous? The boxes were for two lamps which I generously built for them. I’m tired of this bullshit. I do them favors and fix the god damn tv when they screw something up (like not turning it on or some other stupid crap) and I get nothing but bitching in return. I need to move out of here.

I hate everyone in this house, other than me and my cat. It’d be nice if someone here didn’t suck every once in a while.

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