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April 20, 2004

Anti-Religion Cult

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So why hasn’t anyone ever started an anti-religion cult? There’s been cults against specific religions, by specific religions, but never a cult against all religion, by no religion.

Why not? I mean there’s got to be enough people to join and fight for the cause of stupid elimination.

Whether it be jesus, allah, whatever jew’s have, animal-headed-human-things, etc, none of them seem to be making any appearances. Let’s start a cult. I’m serious. Who’s with me?

Anti-religion cult for the purpose of elimination of all religion and false hope. Had a bad day? Too bad. Hell’s too good for you. Eternal pain? Guess that’s better than eternal nothing eh? Let’s not mention all the silly utopias that you supposedly get to if you somehow prove yourself worthy.

You’re all unworthy. You’re dirty, cheating, lying, tailless monkey people. I mean hey if you’re going to hate something you might as well hate them all and not just pick at specifics.

Hey why do people stereotype themselves? Don’t ask me, but now you’ve all got one less stereotype to worry about. No more religion, how do you like that?

Imagine a world without religion and I’d say you’re imagining an impossibility. Not to fear, logic is here! We’ll put the gas chambers to good use this time. No religion is exempt. Race doesn’t matter.

Our animal friends are quite good at proving morality and right and wrong are all relative and even our own actions should be enough to prove that but most people are too blind because they want to feel innocent or some bullshit like that.

Oh no I’ve sinned time to repent! I’m doing so by killing the religious. No more silly standards of good and bad. Even the supposed “good points” and “purposes” of the stories in religion are useless to me. Be kind and love and don’t cheat on your wife and don’t steal and don’t fuck your neighbors kids and don’t pee on the electric fence. Oh no, someone sinned, time for a modern day crucifixion. Time to build some more prisons.

And what’s with religious people saying that being non-religious is impossible? I even had one person go as far to tell me that religion is part of the brain. How pathetic, blinded by their own ignorance. Which is like being blind to being blind to a lie. That’s kind of pathetic. Sorry but obviously someone religious is biased and saying something like that has absolutely no merit, especially if they’re so blind they can’t even see otherwise. That’s why I say bring out the gas chambers. Not worth wasting time with that.

I’ve officially decided that I hate all religious meaning and purposes. If you need some silly high moral standard then just come up with it yourself and stop giving credit to some 2000 year old books. I’m not letting you use religion as a scapegoat for stupidity, sorry.

Morals piss me off. Manners piss me off. Being nice to people pisses me off. Being mean to people pisses me off. People piss me off. Hard candy pisses me off. Jesus pisses me off. Religion pisses me off.

I don’t even want to be considered good. Maybe I should start lying and cheating just out of spite. That’s unlike me and like me at the same time. Weird.

Who’s with me?

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