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April 20, 2004


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I hate everyone because they’re not me.

Sure that sounds pretty arrogant but I don’t really care. It’s true. The real deal is that I’m tired of bullshit, but that’s nothing new. I mean, I’ve always complained about bullshit, but the past week, well that’s just been so bullshitfullytastic that I’m even more annoyed than before.

So I’ve been exposed to much anger and me being already annoyed at the world am left wondering why the hell? Why is it that people get angry when they’re confused? Where in the decision making process does anger come in anyway?

Alright so I guess I am starting to see the picture here. Some people stay angry longer than others. Me, I just talk about it for a few minutes and it’s done with. Most of the times when I’m angry is because I’ve been disturbed. My grandparents are quite good at doing that.

In a few ways I think maybe I lack certain emotion compared to most people. Either that or I just deal with things in ways that have less emotion involved. Oh yeah, sound waves don’t have emotion, so shut the fuck up to anyone who says music has emotion. I’m tired of you people.

You know what? I’m tired of emotion. Not my own, just other peoples, it seems like I’m one of the only people who can deal with shit without doing something that pisses me off. I guess that makes sense – it’s why I’m me. I hate everyone because they’re not me.

Well it sounds arrogant but really – so many people relying on false hopes, power trips, fear, and other miscellaneous counter-productive things to solve their issues. Let’s take a few approaches to the problem.

Someone pisses me off. What else is new. Now, here’s some possible steps:

A. I believe in god and think they will go to hell
B. I think I’m better than them no matter what so it doesn’t matter
C. I get afraid and start plotting revenge

False hope, power trip, and fear. Of course I left out what I do, which is much simpler than all of those ridiculous responses. Know what I do? I deal with it. I talk with them about it, I discuss the situation, if that fails, they can go fuck themselves – I’ll just ignore em. If that fails, I’ll just write about how much I hate them because it’s fun.

Look at me! I’m cynical! I guess that’s something new. At least I’m not blind. It’s hard to be biased when you hate everything.

Now that’s just me trying to sound like I hate everything, yes, of course I don’t really hate everything, it’s just so easy to say I do because of the extremely large amount of things that I do hate.

Maybe I should make a list of things I do like? Let’s do it:

Good music
Pessimism with a dash of optimism
People who agree with me
People who don’t piss me off
People who don’t suck up
People who don’t lead blindly
People who don’t follow blindly
Cars that aren’t ugly
Good taste
Things that I don’t hate until proved otherwise.

Yeah, much shorter than the list of things I hate. It’s easy when it comes to what I like. It’s just the things I don’t like, those things are annoying.

I think at this point I can say that I like myself and other people’s company is nice because it wastes time which is pleasureful if done correctly. I have all this time so I might as well use it. Anyway I think the real point of the story is that other people aren’t me and that everyone’s been raised into their own little way of being, most of which annoy me.

I seem to return to a state of neutralness no matter what happens to me so I guess I’d make a bad example of someone with chronic depression. Oh yeah, and my cat, he’s cool, just thought I’d say that.

Of all the things we can’t control, you can control emotion. Some things may be impossible but that’s one thing I’m sure isn’t. It’s all about control, while we might not have any true form of control, self-control is something that most are capable with little effort. It’s just that most people want to be illogical because it provides a more instant sensation of pleasure, even if the pain resulting afterwards is greater.

I’m one to talk right? I love instant gratification, but not to the point of stupidity. I feel like pissing people off.

HEY EVERYONE, I HATE YOU! Also, I’m very fat and you’re going to die. And your house is on fire.

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