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April 22, 2004


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Hey everyone, Brent says I’m emo.

(00:03:18) Brent: so jordan tell me how many people have u shown this convo to
(00:03:19) Brent: or wait
(00:03:22) Brent: how many are you going to
(00:03:22) Brent: lol
(00:04:09) Brent: i wouldnt be surprised if u had ure little pet im me backing u up or trying to make me feel bad in about 2 days or less
(00:04:19) Brent: but i think me saying that just stopped u from doing it
^ out of spite

He also enjoys talking to himself, long walks on the beach, and repeating a page full of song lyrics into instant message by memory.

Let’s all celebrate this joyful occasion with a tribute to Brent, the worlds most illogical arguer. The only defense I’ve ever seen him use is try to prove the opponent a hypocrite, which isn’t even a good defense in his case for two reasons.

A. being a hypocrite doesn’t make you wrong or right
B. it’s reusing old material, something he claims is bad (hypocrite?)

I don’t claim to be original or what not, but this is a guy who’s tried to be like me or my friend for years now, yet attacks me over original material? I don’t think so. I don’t even care about being original, I don’t have to be the first to say it, as long as it’s getting the damn point across.

Oh, sorry I called you a fag Brent, not really sure if you’re gay or not. My unconscious typo of calling you a fake still appears to be true though.

I’m an ass and I love it.

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