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April 23, 2004

100 posts already? damn

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So I hit 100 posts and didn’t even notice. “The fall of good taste” was my 100th post (I think) I just counted down from the top as I currently have 107 posts, this will be 108. So I’ve decided to do a special “100th post thing” and dedicate it to stupidity, because the world is full of it.

So yet again I’m confronted with the challenges of debate and something went wrong. What it is, I do not know, I don’t get angry very easily despite the blows that were made against me, apparently the other person didn’t react the same way as I.

I suppose it’s hard for some people to talk about the very ideas their lives have been based upon without taking something personal. Maybe I have certain qualities about me that allows me to take a third person perspective and not get offended by certain things. Or maybe what they say is true, but if that’s so, why the anger? I didn’t even defend against many of the blows made against me. Maybe my emotionless responses to certain things makes others angry? Or makes me seem condescending?

Either way I hear the same thing time and time again every time this same situation has happened. You think you’re always right. You think you’re better than other people. You’re condescending. You’re arrogant.

While sometimes I might be a little arrogant I never go into a debate always thinking I’m right because I’m always open to new ideas. If the other person isn’t willing to help me see their perspective and gets angry when I get a few things wrong, it is impossible for me to validly see how it is. It’s hard to put yourself in other peoples shoes – and in the end the shoes don’t even fit, cause they’re not your shoes, like I said once before.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to at least try to understand, but I suppose some people just don’t have the same patience to deal with these things as I do and I will just have to respect that.

I don’t think I’m better than anyone and have always been about equality – everyone has their ups and downs and in the end it all works out. Even those I call stupid are smarter than me in some ways – just not ways that I respect, as they have to do with following others and dishonesty.

I can’t do anything but be myself so if that’s too hard for some people I will just have to take a good analysis of the situation and make a decision as to whether or not I want them in my life. I don’t want to have people angry at me, I don’t mean to offend anyone, but people get offended and it’s out of my control.

I can accept that, I can accept a lack of control, I just won’t give up unless I really have to – I don’t like seeing a friendship go down the train. I like to understand things and analyze situations. Maybe I seem nosey or as if I’m assuming things but it’s only because I want to understand.

I think the ultimate stupidity in the end is misunderstanding – because it tends to ruin everything over nothing. I think that’s the worst way for things to end.

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