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May 5, 2004

Well then

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I wrote I didn’t have the time before and well I spent the time anyway. I tried something and it didn’t work.

In the end the result was changes happened but not the kind I had expected. This is pretty normal from my experience in returning to ex-friends. The root of all the previous problems still exists and now causes new ones. I don’t really have the time to deal with other peoples problems and I’m not going to let other peoples problems piss me off or what not. Let’s get the analysis started.

The claims of hating all humans is just a way to avoid saying they hate themselves, usually caused from anger, probably due to underlying depression from insecurities about themselves. Their claims of having no friends is just relevant to the deeply seeded problems with trust. The paranoid-delusional claims of everyone around them being against them is probably due to constant misinterpretation of motives due to the non-trust and also the fact that they are insecure about themselves and tend to lash out in anger (confusion) instead of dealing with things. This also leads to many secrets being built up which causes more confusion in conversations and the inability to tell a full story, just clouded fragments emerge.

I think I’m too direct about things sometimes and this sometimes doesn’t help as it may lead to more confusion and end up with them being mad at me. I’m not perfect though and I really can’t do much about that but that doesn’t mean that when I try to help that I’m trying to purposely anger them. Their anger that results from my relatively innocent comments is most likely because they are in denial of one of their problems.

Their claims of good intentions while doing something with bad ones is just hiding a larger problem which is a compulsive need to mock or put down others, usually in internet chats where they can feel more secure as the contact is so indirect, in return, they always claim everyone is mocking them or somehow trying to put them down. The constant rationalization of their social behaviors like this seems very antisocial. Usually it’s rationalized as revenge or righting the wrongs and so forth but most of the time it’s something they themselves caused and just didn’t want to face up to the consequences.

Claims of being better than the rest are far from true in any person, though claims of being different are certainly true. Taking pride in thinking you’re better than most people is not something I look for in friends. In a world where everyone is fighting for survival everyone is indeed selfish but to so greatly take that out of proportion in their case is just a way to avoid dealing with the issue at hand.

When I ask what the purpose of their behaviors are, particularly ones which I disagreed with, I’m now made out to be an enemy, instead of just someone who is concerned about them. I can’t take this abuse and I really don’t know how to help them. I might have to put this to an end.

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