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May 16, 2004


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Superstition. Stuperstition. Superstupid.

By definition it is the fear of the unknown or mysterious. By my definition it is the display of ignorance. By my definition it is admitting to believing in something false.

Superstition, tradition, faith, and beliefs are almost the same thing. Superstition is the blatantly stupid, tradition is the blatantly stupid still followed by many, faith is just admitting you follow the blatantly stupid, and belief is just a lesser faith. That’s how I see it. By definition faith is belief, so I’m not too far off.

The color black. I can tell my grandparents are superstitious about it even though they haven’t said it. It’s pretty funny though. Like the day I moved in the first time my grandpa saw my cat he’s like “you have a black cat” I’m like well he’s got some white on him too. And? I mean who cares? I still can’t believe anyone still believes that bullshit. What if I did the same thing to humans, that’d be fun wouldn’t it?

Go around being like “your skin is black” and then just leave it like that. Eventually I’d be bound to run into someone with vitiligo and it’d be like “well some is white.” I find it so damn hilarious how stupid people were back in the old days. I can’t even imagine what a slave trader must have thought about a black person with vitiligo. That must have screwed with their heads pretty badly.

My grandparents also got uppity because my sister wanted black carpet. Big deal. I had black carpet in my past 2 houses and no one gave a shit. They’re all “we don’t want black carpets in this house!” as if it’d be the end of the world or something. What’s wrong with the color black anyway? Black rules. Even colorblind people can see black, that’s how much it rules.

Black is the supposed absence of color. It’s absence of color is just an interpretation. Most blacks aren’t really that black anyway. Night time isn’t really black. It’s just dark blue. Dark blue and black pretty damn similar but my grandparents don’t seem to care about dark blue. Ah well, ignoramuses. It’s not even something that effects me but that doesn’t matter, when I see stupid it’s enough to bother me. If stupid was a color then I’d be able to see it.

Deformities and other such things obviously influenced much superstition and religion. Superstition is basically turning the unknown into a fear while religion is turning the unknown into a belief system. I’m tired of both. Some people are amazed by technology and progress while sticking to their old methods while others adapt and evolve with the process.

The ones who stick with old while admiring new are usually the type of people who’d fall into superstitions and religions. For they wish not to understand but to keep their mindset while letting the world pass by. Senility often brings this on. One things for sure, I’d never let myself get like that. I’m tired of seeing people so stuck on things. I know I’ve written about it before and I’m finally getting out some details here.

I broke a mirror today. Well actually yesterday but whatever. Yeah, it wasn’t on purpose and it was an unused mirror anyway. I just read that people thought that means you broke your soul. That’s pretty damn funny. I’m starting to think maybe we really did evolve since way back when and not just socially. I mean damn, it’s hard to believe that people were that stupid. People still believe in the whole “god bless you” when you sneeze thing, or more so do it out of tradition then actually knowing what it means. That doesn’t matter though, people don’t really care what the purposes of their traditions were. You can’t reason with illogicality.

Just today I had a laughable argument with my grandma. I was carrying in some somewhat heavy items from my friends truck and she stops me and says something about how I have too much stuff. I said how I had needed my printer and was glad I now had it. She was getting all uppity about me using the word “need.” I’m like sure I don’t need it to survive but it’s not like I’m saying I need something I don’t already have. Then she just proceeds to say the same thing again about how I don’t need it and I respond and say “you don’t need your TV or VCR either.” Those are items which she uses quite frequently, in which she said something like “I’ve earned them” (despite only working 4 years in her life) and then something about how she doesn’t care about my philosophies. Basically what she said was “I’m right and don’t care about what you think” in a slightly less offensive way.

I kinda just pretended it didn’t happen but she had seemed pretty grumpy the whole day until a little later in which she brought me some candy which she had said she didn’t want and seemed in a much better mood. I’m not sure how often this happens with her but the behavior does fill in a few pieces to the puzzle. Now that I’ve read over what I wrote and analyzed my thoughts some it seems almost like she couldn’t stand seeing me happy, or accomplished. I was in a generally good mood at the time, being glad to finally have gotten my printer and some other things here.

Why do people get so picky about words? I keep running into this more than ever. First it’s when you’re little and learn the words fuck, ass, and shit. Then later it’s over using the word hate and need. I’m tired of all that crap. It’s one thing when a word is being used instead of another and displays a person putting something off to when it’s used in the way it was meant to be.

So if I can’t say I needed my printer, what should I have said, that I wanted it? The definition of need is to be in want of. To hate is just to dislike intensely. I mean exaggeration is way too common in language and most should be able to easily recognize when something is being used to mean something else. It’s basic communication. To insist upon using a certain set of words is just basically leaving the other set unused when it’s in the case of words that mean the same damn thing.

My grandparents think I have too many things. I could very well say the same thing about them. I mean, they literally have 3 bedrooms, with large closets and multiple drawer units, full of clothing and shoes. Is this not a lot? So when I switched my grandmas statement around on her she gets offended. Why? She can’t take what she dishes. And I know proving someone a hypocrite doesn’t make them right or wrong but if they can’t defend against it then they really have no right to be in a hypocritical situation. If they flat out said, I know and wish for you not to do what I do, fine, that’s understandable, as long as there’s a valid reason for it. That isn’t the case though. It’s pure hypocrisy in the worst form.

I can so easily defend against most of their attacks but I try not to get into arguments with them. I don’t give up very easily and don’t get angry very quickly. This angers others. It’s basically when it turns abusive or when I’m trying to help and am treated badly for it, that’s mainly what gets me angry. It’s pretty uncommon for me to react with physical violence. It feels weird.

I do know how angry people can get in response to me. I think the fact that I can remain calm and resilient to attacks is enough to piss people off to pretty great extents. I do have a large amount of patience and that’s understandable. My experience with waiting is matched by few. I’m actually feeling pretty good at the moment despite my situation. I’m finally almost finished my part of the move. Now my mom and sister will be moving here and that will be double this amount of work, if not more. 2 bedrooms to empty, 2 peoples stuff to move in, and many decorative and large nonfunctional items. Not to mention large amounts of clothing.

I’m really starting to get sickened by clothing. I remember someone telling me fashion was an art. So be it, it’s an art form I hate. Let’s all run around naked like the bald monkeys we are. I’m tired of this whole “feeling personalized” bullshit. That reminds me, I learned that my one uncle who’s basically a doctor watches MTV with a passion. The world is starting to scare me.

And no, it’s not some fear of getting a job or having to work or the other things that people tend to project on me as being afraid of. It’s more like me starting to realize just how much the spectrum of stupidity scales.

If there were any jobs that required stupid detection and elimination I’d be set. Then again maybe fixing other peoples computers is close enough.

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