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May 20, 2004

No more emo bullshit.

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I think I was just experiencing an emogirl and didn’t notice. Yay, emogirls. I haven’t been talking about emogirls much recently probably because of the fact I had been blinded by one. I can’t believe it.

Ah well, you know my stance is of course the same. Emogirls suck. Deluded by the media and surroundings – no matter how smart they seem the underlying emogirlness emerges and conquers the rest. Oh sure, it seems like it’s all jolly at first, but then what happens? It falls apart. Ask anyone who’s dealt with an emogirl and convinced themselves it was okay for a while.

I know it’s happened to my friend and I’m not the only person to have suffered the same dreaded fate. Emogirls are rampant social anomalies, there because the stupidity of society lets them be. The media and corrupt social expectations. The music which someone listens or friends they have, the influence of stupidity is found everywhere.

It’s not just that though. It’s more than just being stupid. It’s a lifestyle revolving around not understanding emotion and depending on others. It’s not about being cold or compassionate. It’s about how you deal with emotional struggles. It’s not about listening to the music of the genre “emo” but more often than not emogirls do tend to listen to music which has depressing lyrics so they can feel they relate to it, as they seem to be unable to deal with their own emotions.

Then there’s the male version in which the music is usually some poorly stated political opinion. Some female emogirls listen to this kind of music as well. The music someone listens to can definitely tell you a lot about them, but only to a certain extent. When you take a look at the music someone listens to, and more than 50% of it is full of lyrics about depressing things or useless political statements you can be pretty sure you’ve got an emogirl on your hands.

It’s not just the music though, I’m sure there’s emogirls who don’t listen to that kind of music at all and still do the other things involved to be an emogirl, such as overly depending on others for emotional support, never actually dealing with anything in the process. Acting as if they care about others when in reality they usually are just using people as emotional crutches and get off on hearing the problems of others. They’re probably truly unable to care about others, as they don’t care for themselves. Most emogirls make using people and manipulating others out to be the worst thing in the world, but that’s only a projection of themselves.

Of course that won’t stop them from saying they help others, or even trying, but in the end they’re just blinding themselves from their own actions in order to avoid having to change. Most emogirls get gratification out of being an emogirl despite how “angsty” they claim they are. It’s an attention game.

Most emogirls also have very confused ideas about love and tend make love out to be something like it is in the movies. Most male emogirls hang around female emogirls but don’t actually date them. The male emogirls usually share these same deluded ideas about love, probably in order to impress the female ones; a false compassion. The female uses the male as a crutch and the male is usually doing the same thing, but also wants sex out of it, so in the end the males takes some suffering. Most emogirls end up going for the less compassionate person who treats them like shit because their dependant behavior and false anger makes them masochistic.

In my case I more often than not come off as pretty damn cold but I’m not one to treat people like shit, I just never give up on an argument. Which tends to piss most people off, especially emogirls, as many girls in American society seem to have gotten it in their head that they can boss around men and always get their way or else they’ll threaten to leave them or what not. I’m not afraid of silly threats like that, it doesn’t phase me. I wouldn’t want to be around anyone that stupid anyway.

So if I piss some emogirl off because she’s used to getting her way with men I couldn’t give a rats ass. Let her leave. Social fads like this tend not to last very long and only cover small areas. This whole thing most likely came from biased women’s rights groups feeding the ideas of women superiority into the minds of many. Acting as if they’re some kind of abused majority and vastly taking things out of proportion, only then to use logical fallacies and threats to get their way. The cause may have had some merit at first, but at this point it’s deviated entirely from any original purpose.

The specific emogirl I dealt with was quite biased towards women and obviously made women out to be superior, despite them denying this. They persisted to point out all these things which they thought were wrong with men, but when it came to women there were no complaints made. I had actually heard similar from this same person long ago in the past, but never saw them explode with it as they did in this instance. I think what happened was that a bunch of little things about me had built up and since they can’t deal with their emotions properly it exploded all at once. Then their extremely irrational self-serving reasons as to why the little things I did were wrong all came out at once.

Constantly put on an act about how bad your life is, how bad your surroundings are, and make others feel guilty for being more fortunate, things like this which totally disregard the fact that most emogirls put themselves into the place they are in. This is what it takes to be an emogirl. No one is forced to be an emogirl, it’s a learned social behavior. Add in a pinch of arrogance and a side of stupidity and we have ourselves an emogirl extreme.

Of course, ask any emogirl, and I’m the one that’s wrong. Guess my tolerance for stupidity isn’t that high.

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