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May 24, 2004


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Well today’s a fancy day and I’m supposed to be up at 7 in the morning, lucky for me it’s 2:48 and I won’t be able to go to bed until at least 6:30 so sleeping at this point is probably useless. Ah well, time for an all nighter.

I’ve been watching tv all weekend so I haven’t had to deal with many people. There’s this classic science tv shows thing on. It’s a bit too much TV to watch to be honest so it’ll probably take me ages to go through all the recordings.

There is some nice things about it though, not dealing with anyone was pretty nice. More than anything I got everything done around here. Garage emptied, boxes moved, room cleaned, everything is done. Shit is good at the moment. No nagging, no abusive friends, nothing.

Talking to people less means I get bored more and there’s now an opening for more, which is currently overfilled. Within the past 5 months or so there was 3 people who I was talking to a lot and then stopped. That’s only 3 people, sure, and I have plenty of other people I talk to, but those people I had talked to a lot. For some reason, people who I can talk to a lot usually end up being people I hate, although there’s one exception.

My one friend I have known for years and while at first we used to fight a whole lot nothing like that has happened in ages. So things worked out fine and we talk quite a bit. A few other people I get along well with but don’t talk much at all. I think I might know what the problem is.

Usually it’s a person who shares an interest with me, alright fine. There’s only so many interests you can share until you basically just run out of things to talk about, only then do you realize you don’t even like the person to begin with. When checking my logs, out of the top 4 people on the list, 3 I don’t talk to anymore. All of which I shared interests with, but ended up not liking their personality. The other is the friend I mentioned above. Why is this? It’s because they were there as boredom satisfiers. We’d talk about the things we’re doing, specific interests we share and the things we’re doing with them, but then what happens?

It gets old. That’s what. I’d talk to them a whole lot within a period of a few months then occasionally when we’d disagree I’d start to notice the flaws of their personality. One person was dependant and irrational and could only compare opinions to others instead of forming their own, another would compulsively lie and was very arrogant, and the third had severe problems with trust and dealing with their emotions.

I’m starting to wonder how many people I can actually be friends with and talk to a lot and actually share something more than interests. It’s pretty damn limited from what I see. Most people piss me off too much. Not many people seem to be able to think clearly.

On the myer-briggs personality test my type (or types as I’m somewhere in the middle of two) seem to say most of my friends will be from shared interests. What I’ve found is that this works pretty poorly more often then not. In the end if I hate your personality it doesn’t really matter all that much what interests we share. And most people who have half decent personalities I can get along with as long as their interests aren’t terrible. Such as silly ass pop-media type stuff and clothing.

On another topic…

Ever notice that on all those old “prediction of the future” shows they show things which were already possible at that time, and usually even demonstrated it pretty closely? Predicting the technology of the future is stupid. Stupidest prediction of the future: video phone. It exists, and could have existed even way back when, as tv and cameras capable of producing a signal readable by them have existed for ages.

Why do those silly old prediction shows always mention it then? Because it seems neat? No it doesn’t. It’s stupid. It’s trying to make something inherently unrealistic more realistic is just attempting the impossible. In fact phones are already overused with cellphones and such so why the hell add another useless feature? And with all these camera phones these days adding a video capability would be so easy, and annoying.

I don’t think those future predictors realized how stupidly people would use technology.

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