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May 29, 2004


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I think whenever I’m bored or stressed I start to fear something is wrong with me. It might be stomach problems, it might fearing some mole is cancerous, or that my rash I have is masking some other ailment of the day.

It’s really starting to piss me off, just now I had the worst attack of this yet. It was pretty bad too I was getting really anxious and all. I kept reading some shit about melanoma and find all this shit about young people getting it on this page of some plastic surgeon saying you should fear it or something.

I don’t think fearing it is very good. All these damn illnesses and what not that people can get I swear there’s so much shit that can go wrong with the human body it’s not even funny. It’s like ridiculous amounts of stuff. And I’ve only seen a tiny part of it all.

What the hell is with that anyway? It’s starting to piss me off more and more. I could never be a doctor, I’d go absolutely insane. I don’t know what it is I’m worried about. I don’t really want to die but know it’s inevitable.

I think if I had some disease and my chances to survive were about none I’d just ask for lethal injection right there because I wouldn’t want to go through all the torturous treatments just because there’s a slight possibility that it might help.

In reality I think we barely know shit when it comes to curing medical stuff. Most of it seems like guesses. Oh sure, we can diagnose it, but when it comes to fixing it we’re absolutely clueless yet fooling ourselves into thinking otherwise.

It’s like, you got cancer, time to inject you with some chemicals that kill your whole body and just might take out the cancer as well. Or maybe we’ll just shoot you with some cancer-causing radiation, because it might help! Or perhaps we should just attach leeches to you and have them suck out all your blood.

I’m really starting to get pissed off over this fear. Sometimes I wish my brain was just a computer program so I don’t have some stupid body which is doomed to fail to worry about.

Yet another thing pisses me off.

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