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July 3, 2004


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You want to know what I think? The only reason family members care for one another is because they’re the continuation of the family gene line. Fuck that.

So in the mean time while I’m living around a bunch of fools, I might as well take advantage of it. My family pisses me off. Extended family that is. They’re so quick to talk behind everyones back and judge people for difference in opinion that it’s not even funny. It disgusts me. It’s like racism against ideas or something.

So in the mean time no one has any solution on what to do. Of course money is the big limiter as always. What else is new. Money money money. Stupid ass territory games.

So everyone is doing these silly ass tasks to make money to live and survive and for what? So you can die in the end. Of course while you’re doing it all you’ll fool yourself into believing that you’re invincible and will end up in some utopia. Yeah right, selfish pricks.

Prepackaged bullshit, that’s what life comes with. Your family is what decides which package you get. Men and women get different packages. So everyones raised to be the perfect human, as of course your parents see fit. They’ll blind you from the real world at first, then slowly introduce you.

Well my parents never really tried blinding me from the world, that doesn’t mean they told me anything themselves though. Just no censoring. Did it benefit in the end? Yeah, but at the same time it pisses off people who see differently.

And why is that? Because they were raised with a different package of bullshit. So if you’re poor, you get the poor package, rich and you get the rich package. Guess what? You all suck.

I’m tired of hearing this stupid ass crap about etiquette, morals, and manners. When I hear those words I do not think “good thing” like some seem to. I hear self-limitation without justification. The only justification is that “it’s the right thing to do.” Of course this is coming from the mouths of people who have no clue about what right and wrong means and how relative it is. Their old beliefs are dug in so deep it’s like trying to dig to the center of the earth to get them out.

Old fashioned. It seems to happen in every generation too. It’s not a new thing, it happened with our parents and their parents as well. Why is this? Is it some kind of method to ensure that the new are the only ones to prosper? Or is it that some people have just learned to accept it right in the ass and not to question?

I guess I will find out if I live that long, who knows. I think if I was made world leader I’d probably end up destroying the world and ending all progress because of how pointless I think it all is. I still have no justifications for existence, and when I see how close minded and self-limiting most people are it goes to show how pathetic the human race really is.

Look at them all, 6 billion of them, tiny ants. Squashing each other. Yeah, too bad for you fools that there is no god, no savior, no hope, no fate, no destiny, no reincarnation, no life after death. You’re all going down. False hope got us this far, how much further will you let it take us?

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