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July 12, 2004

Yeah. What the hell.

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You know more than ever I’m tired of bullshit.

While not at the computer I receive a message from an ex saying they still like me. I have a strong suspicion they’re just full of shit or trying to make someone jealous. I didn’t see the message until about 50 minutes later where I respond saying “haha really?” Of course by this point they have an away message on talking about not being able to see through a cloud of egos.

What the fuck. Who do these people take me for? I’m not going easy on anyone just because they’re a girl, fuck that. I’m tired of peoples bullshit. I’m not going to play a game or buy into fucked up left-over emotions. How the fuck can someone I’ve talked to briefly one time in the past year or so validly like me still? Do they even know me?

Of course not, it’s a big fucking joke and I’m the victim, or so it’d seem from a paranoid perspective. It could be a jealousy thing, considering their online photo album is full of pictures of them making out with some guy. Maybe trying to make me or that guy jealous? I really couldn’t give a shit anymore because of my choice to disassociate with human reproduction games.

What kind of insecure fuck-tard would try to make some guy they dated years past jealous who they haven’t even talked to in ages? I mean damn. That’s fucked up. Unless of course they were serious with what they said, and had no hidden motives. I doubt that. Maybe they’re just fucking with me, who knows. What I do know is that people are fucked up, and I’m no better in many aspects.

Even though I’ve gotten trapped up in this health anxiety thing I still can smell bullshit when it’s laying around. And I smell it. Should I even waste the time to question their motives, or just assume stupidity right now and fuck it? Which wastes less time? Do I need to waste time? Do I gain or lose something? Think like an animal.

You know I kind of liked how I was before this health anxiety shit. I was pretty damn kick-ass. This stuff brings me down, I feel like a weakling. That’s not how I normally am. Oh fuck that I still rule. You all suck. Take that, ego cloud.

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