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July 18, 2004

Sometimes, I rule (All the time.)

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So, here’s some recently encountered bullshit:

“I don’t mean to be disrespectful but your parents were selfish and it would have been better if you never were born.”

And some random pessimism as well:

“Why do that? You’ll only be able to use that until you move out.”

As if I’m moving out anytime soon… It doesn’t look like it.

Also things like:
“What grade would you be in? Twelfth? Well why don’t you go back to school for a year and finish?”

As if I’d suddenly meet the requirements for 12th grade (lacking all the force fed memorizations from past years built up would most likely make me fail math badly, on top of lacking required credits I’m sure.)

And things like this:
“No one will hire you for your skills, you need to have an education”

Yeah, well I know not having a piece of paper saying I’ve passed your flawed social structure has made things slightly harder for me, do you think I’m that stupid? Anyways 99.9% of the rich did not get there from hard work or education, they got there from being in the right place at the right time. Pure chance. I don’t need to hear pessimism from people who think they understand the world, who think they know it all, for whatever reason, age, self-proclaimed wisdom, past experience, or what not.

Of course when I question what they say, or when I just plain out say no, you’re wrong, then all of a sudden I’m the know it all. Shit, I’m already the know it all just from writing this, am I not? In their eyes maybe, but I never claim to know the way, I just know what I’m not doing. If I did get a job they’d all shut up pretty quickly because they’d no longer be able to make silly claims like that so now I’ve got something I can use in spite. Maybe it’ll be just the motivation I need. Maybe not.

I have noticed that I’ve basically been raised to be lazy. Then again so has most current teenage culture from what I’ve seen. It seems that parents are too overprotective in all the wrong areas. All people care about is censoring their kids from violence and naughty words. So now their kids listen to prepackaged pop-music and get further thrown away from the reality which censorship has already blinded them from.

And of course parents are too lenient in all the wrong areas. Kids get away with stupidity. Of course if you get all A’s you’re mommies little honor student and so all must be well. Go work a desk job sucking some thirty-five-year-old-dropout’s dick who just so happens to own the company because it was passed down to them by their parents.

And then you say I’m supposed to give a shit. Fuck that.

You know right now there’s a lot of people trying to put pressure on me. Of course in reality I don’t have much so I ignore the pressure they’re trying to put on me since they’re full of shit and make my own. That hasn’t worked out to well either of course. Their pressure is all about the future. When I turn 18 suddenly no more social security checks, suddenly I’m not covered by my moms insurance, and of course all the other things involved with being 18.

Speaking of my mom she’s basically gone off the deep end. Blinded by her own emotions and impulses she’s become impatient and seems to suffer from some sort of hyper-anxiety. Being hyper appears to make time slow down, it only figures. She competes with my sisters immaturity and imitates her in many ways which leads to random screaming bouts between the two. It’s kind of funny, and sad, at the same time. The only difference is that my sister is lazy and my mom is lazy yet forced to work. Of course this means my mom suddenly knows about working in the real world and motivation. Not.

As for immaturity, I think most people are really bad judges of it. It seems by most peoples standards around here maturity just means you do whatever they want and don’t question it. It’s funny because they all talk behind each others backs like a bunch of teenage school girls. Oh, am I judging someones maturity? Am I talking behind their backs? Sorry about that.

So in the end what’s it about? Money. They say money doesn’t make you happy, and I hear that so much around here. Funny because no one around here seems happy. With all the complaining and fighting going on it seems like everyone’s quite angry. And I’d think that equates to sad in the long run.

Plus happiness is always temporary. No one is living in a bliss of happiness, sorry. You can only be so ignorant to a point, you know? You could take me as a cynic, and you’d be right. You could take me as a pessimist and you’d be wrong again. Pessimism with a side of optimism. I can’t be like all the pessimists around here, all they try to do is bring me down, even if they don’t realize it.

And what’s with parenting advice from people who’s children are currently not doing so well later in life? And what’s with parenting advice from people who don’t have kids? And what’s with parenting advice anyway? Let’s just abandon our babies on the top of mountains. Whatever one makes it, they’ll be the next king. Either that or an NFL player, who knows.

Everyones got their own little way of life and as long as I’m not making my own money I’m expected to obey by another’s rules. You know, these people are pretty damn lucky I’m not self-dependent at the moment because if I was they’d probably never see me again. They say they care, so I’d assume that’d make them pretty upset. I’d think about all the things they were probably saying about me behind my back and laugh. I have no intention to talk to people who are just going to bring me down. Plus being social was never my thing.

You know, sometimes I’m too evil for my own good (saying things that would disadvantage me.) I kind of like it. You know why? I see through the cloud of bullshit, and through it, you wouldn’t believe, was more shit. The bullshit people force themselves to believe is all to hide the truth, which is shitty to begin with.

Accept it, everyone’s wrong in the long run. There is no right. If right is to survive using whatever method then right is relative. Survival is of course, a selfish desire. I’m starting to think most Americans are on the bad side of natural selection.

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