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July 25, 2004

Communist revolution.

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Come one come all. It’s time.

Communist revolution!

Yes. It is time. Bush or Kerry or Che Guevara?

DEAD MEN CAN’T BE PRESIDENT. Vote for me. I’ll fix things. I’m pro-choice! I like guns. No school vouchers! No school anything. No school taxes either, pay for your own damn schools, bastards. No you damn Miami-ians, I’m lifting the embargo on Cuba, get over it.

And black people, you’re no longer hated, it’s the Arabs now, stfu about equal opportunity.

Crime is your fault, I can’t do shit about it other then try and force people to change. Get over yourselves paranoid control freaks.

Also, drugs are legalized, end of story, I don’t care.

Socialized medical? COMMUNISED MEDICAL!

Bye copyright. Bye monopolies.

Population control. More than 2 kids and we post-natal abort them and make you watch. Fuck off Christian hippies.

Also, you’re not independent, get over it. All SUV’s not being used for off-road or cargo transport are now renamed to CTV’s for “Child Transport Vehicle” and are taxed for you being so stupid. Mini-vans are banned, especially pt cruisers.

Porn will be broadcast on public television at 5 in the afternoon. Shut the hell up.

The word fuck will be printed on large posters with pictures of young children smoking cigarettes with Barney.

All those trying to censor thought will be punished with the amount of censorship they were trying to enforce with something they enjoy. Take that.

Also, I hate you, no sucking up.

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