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August 21, 2004

insane campaign

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What’s with these people who are like…”I support president bush” and actually agree with some of the decisions he’s made? They advertise their support for him like it’s somehow a good thing, and they seem so uneducated about the things he’s done and the reasoning he’s used that it’s not even funny.

So I watched my copyright-violated version of Fahrenheit 9/11 and it was less sucky then I thought it would be, however it wasn’t anything new to me. We all knew bush was a greedy business man, didn’t we? I mean come on. And then the depressed family who had volunteered every single one of its members to the military who lost their kid in the useless war against Iraq, well if you send off every member of your family to the military it’ll catch up with you eventually I suppose…

I think the real problem is that people are just like “I’m a republican so I must vote republican” even if the so called republican they’re voting for is the not very good at doing the job they’re supposed to do. I mean people are so quick to jump to one party or another and bash the other parties candidates but no one actually fucking evaluates them for how good they can do the job. Instead they evaluate their criminal records, drug habits, war records, and of course as already mentioned, political party. As if I give a rats ass? Why even want the president to have been in a war? How about a president afraid of war? Maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to start them.

I mean I just don’t get some peoples logic. I’m guessing it’s mostly war veterans who care about that last one, maybe they feel as if since they did it, their president should have as well. Just like how people expect you to have gone and finished school. More useless fucking expectations. I’m really getting tired of those let me tell you.

It’s one thing to expect someone to be able to do a certain task at hand but it’s another when you start looking at irrelevant things to see if they can do it. Why does this happen so often in America? I think it has something to do with people being misled.

I had a revelation soon after my previous post. It came to me after being reminded of something Che Guevara wrote…

“In rough outline this phenomenon is similar to the process by which capitalist consciousness was formed in its initial epoch. Capitalism uses force but it also educates the people to its system. Direct propaganda is carried out by those entrusted with explaining the inevitability of class society, either through some theory of divine origin or through a mechanical theory of natural selection.”

What came to me was that by showing people this predefined path with propaganda or expectations and then making people think this path is the way to making it rich and eventually leading to everyones favorite purpose-of-life called happiness, even if the path fails them, it’s now the only way they know, and according to it, just a little bit more hard work will get you there. Of course if that were the case every hard-working American would be a millionaire by now, that’s obviously not true. In the mean time you did manage to do a job and accomplish tasks that society needed, despite not hitting it big. And thus the mind-trick we call capitalism has taken place.

People put expectations on others and in reality following them can only lead you to being an average person. It prevents you from being truly great, which could even mean you’re above or below average, but having gotten there by your own way. And without an independent thought process you have no right in advertising your opinions, because all you’re doing is advertising another’s. You’re like a cult, a religion, a belief system, a fool fallen for capitalism…

And thus another day in the life of an American…

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  1. […] As of recently there hasn’t been much I’ve wanted to do and haven’t been able to get done, well except maybe make a couple million dollars, but I’m working on that one. I gave up on that whole hard work gets you far thing long ago, I haven’t believed such nonsense since I wrote my piece a few years back regarding the mind trick we call capitalism. Trick enough of the people to think hard work, a good education, or what not is the key to making it rich, meanwhile the real rich couldn’t give a rats ass, most of which got where they were by a combination of connections and just plain old being at the right place, at the right time. I wrote that piece over 2 years ago. Amazing. So I love it when people try to convince me that pushing harder at my dead-end job is somehow going to get me places. Yeah right. I don’t even think it’ll get me places at the job, none the less in “The Real World”. Didn’t I write something about people who use “the real world” as justifications for their argument? Damn, I think I did. So much that I have written about. This has become some sort of reflection on the past. As of recent I haven’t had as much time to reflect on myself as I did in those days, it’s weird what a job can do to you, but I refuse to become a dog. And I refuse to let my skills rot away. I will kick ass regardless of peoples mind trickery. I definitely miss the life of slacking. So I must do something soon if I want to make the kind of money I will need to return to my slackery. […]

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