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August 30, 2004

mission objectives

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I have a few new mission objectives, of course I’m sure you’ll recognize some of them or at least realize how I have gotten to the proceeding conclusions…

Alright here we go…

I will personally see to it that people who ride around in their car listening to pop music with the bass turned up all the way and the windows open are neutered. What’s with these people? In fact in general what the hell is wrong with most kids? Why are people so damn dumb? I swear I give people too much credit because I’m starting to realize what’s normal is deserving of not existing. It’s time for some post-natal abortions here. Knowing my luck these same foolish kids will be the next members of congress and the next presidents…They’ll be the ones passing laws for the media industries which they love so much…and it’s damn well obvious why, they’ve been hooked since childhood. Stupidity prevails and all else fails…

I’m going to kill your unborn babies. I don’t care what you think, because I know the way. Have you ever seen Jerry Springer? Most of those people have kids. The choice is easy. I propose abortion in three easy steps.
1. Removal of stupidity (this will prevent pregnancy)
2. Removal of baby (you’re already too stupid)
3. Removal of you (this is when the other 2 fail)

Now that that’s out of the way lets get to some current topics…

Alright so a cousin of mine got pregnant after fucking some guy who just left his girlfriend, so she barely knows this guy, gets it on the rebound, and is now having a kid. This inspires me. What’s even funnier is that this person about a month before had been going on about how my parents had bad parenting skills. Well lets see here…Yay for parenting skills…Seriously I actually find this somewhat funny. I’m just that evil. And an abortion oh, that’s just too much to handle…On to step 3!

I’ve got nothing against them, I don’t hate them or anything, but when people get a taste of their own medicine in such a strong way it’s kind of funny. I don’t care about proving people hypocrites but I will be the one silently laughing at your stupidity. So next time keep your mouth shut and your legs too. Oh man, I could do this all night.

What’s with sex anyway? Why do people care so much about it? It’s funny how urges control people to have kids. Seriously though I’m fed up with people being so damn obsessed with sex. I’ve encountered it so much and it’s annoying. It’s such a big joke too, girls and guys alike putting an over importance on an urge that you can satisfy yourself so easily if desired. It’s more than that though it’s like a lack of self-control and a society expectation all slapped into one…I’m tired of hearing about sex, I’m tired of all relationship bullshit. I don’t want to hear about it, I don’t care about making babies, and I don’t care about you. Also I hate you. And your kids. And your dog. And the white picket fence too.

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