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September 16, 2004

I don’t hate girls, just stupid people.

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So people say to me hey that girl was pretty cute or what not as if I’m supposed to care. Well actually according to most peoples ideals I am supposed to care.

I don’t though, because most people don’t live up to my expectations. And it just so happens to be that in this country most girls do not. I don’t hate girls, just stupid people.

So when some girl walks down the street who’s “pretty cute” and I see that shes loaded up with makeup and clothing from a fashion designer they are put into my stupid category. That applies to guys too, but being as I’m not attracted to them, that’s not really relevant.

But they’re an honor student! Oh sure they like computers! They use AOL all the time! They must be smart! Maybe I’m just picky. Maybe I don’t care enough. What I do know is that it’s easier to avoid people which I can immediately classify as stupid then it is to try and figure out whether or not they really are.

Maybe I’m just tired with the amount of superficialness around. I still don’t give a rats ass about how I look, despite my minimal efforts, which are because of hygiene, not self-image. And I’m no expert in that either.

I mean shit, look at me, I’m unmotivated, I don’t have a job, I might be considered smart by some, but who the hell cares? I don’t. That’s why none of that matters to me. Even if I’m some kind of chick magnet it really doesn’t matter because my stupid detection system puts up a firewall.

And when I do actually like someone they always end up being a nut case in the end, or it turns out I only had liked them for their looks and hate them personally. I’ve had each of those happen once or twice.

So that’s why I say fuck it, why participate in such silly games of cat and mouse when toy mice are 5 bucks for a pack of 12? What the hell is with weddings and rings and jewelery and all that stupid crap? Why is it that most guys don’t even care about that stuff and yet would put up with a woman who goes nuts over it? Don’t even think about using the L word as an excuse or I’ll have to slap you with a (less) stupid stick.

Is it that men are just weak or is it that most guys just learn to accept that women will just be their superficial selves? Shit most men are pretty superficial too so maybe it’s not even a problem to them. The decisions I have to make that most people do not, what’s with that?

It’s like I make things harder because I see why what most people do is illogical and because I’m not doing what they’re do I don’t simply fit into the same system. I create my own.

I really should start my own country some day.

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