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October 20, 2004

Vote for Demorepublicandidationalization.

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No I’m not voting. When I told this to my cousin, I got a pressuring speech about how foreigners are getting free rides and that Kerry will stop this. Ha. And what else will Kerry stop? A candidate actually making a damn difference? What country are we in again?

You know I really don’t think Kerry can do a better job then Bush. I think both of them are controlled by the media just as much as the other, the only difference is they’ll give a different politically correct excuse when you confront them about why their promises aren’t kept.

I’m so tired of this political bullshit in America. Our politicians are allowed to lie here, and no one even seems to care. It’s becoming a larger problem by the day. The actual changes that are actually getting made are just getting more and more ridiculous. And I’m very tired of the American ego.

I was seriously getting this whole speech about how foreigners are just getting a free ride though college, not doing their work, passing, getting jobs, etc. because of government benefits. I don’t know about you but where’s the fucking proof to that? They said that these “rich” foreigners drive up in fancy cars to their community college, and don’t do a thing, pass, stay rich, and get jobs. And their reasoning is that they supposedly get a tax cut from being an immigrant. Thing is, they couldn’t provide any details. And as you know, it’ll take some proof to get me to believe you.

What it sounded like to me is the typical American ego displaying some racism. Ah well, way to get my vote. I really don’t have an opinion on this whole foreigner and illegal immigrant thing. In fact, at this point I’m more interested in emigration out of this country. I need to make a bunch of money and move out of here. I’m too lazy though, so I’ll just continue putting up with bullshit for now.

On top of that, I’m tired of seeing all these bullshit vote commercials. Make a difference! Choose which media controller will run the country! Just depends on which channel you’re watching…

I’m really fed up with telling people I’m not voting. At this point I’d be better off not saying anything, and that’s making me wonder why I ever stopped. I’ve become a lot more social then how I was when I was younger, and all it gets me is shit from people. I’m a bit tired of people, let me tell you.

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