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October 31, 2004

who am I?

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Look at me, I have class. I kiss the public’s ass,
I wear a suit and tie while I send men to die,
I make promises I do not keep, I lie to myself even while I sleep,
I can tell you a thing or two but don’t believe a word is true,
for it’s my job to mislead you,
I cannot tell you my opinion,
it could effect popular decision,
for I want to win, I don’t know why,
I’m just a puppet told to lie,
corporate control and money you see,
these are the things which interest me.

You know I’m really tired of this country. I had another realization today about the whole presidential thing. These people are fakes. They always appear dressed up fancy, they have tons of money, they support those who are like themselves and lie to those below them. These people are the upper class and we’re the peasants. Nothing has changed. It’s just we’re more easily fooled. On top of that, we vote these bastards in, and it’s because most people aren’t smart enough to realize this bullshit game which all the candidates put on.

Kerry and Bush are one in the same, monkeys controlled by a corporate game. This is not about helping the people. Most political jobs in this country have to do with pleasing the minds of the masses, while not actually changing anything. Your fundamentalist christian soccer mom thinks her kids are safe, so everything is fine. Another vote for demorepublicrantic rule.

I see no difference between the two, it’s all an illusion meant to trick you. The real decision is deciding which companies rule this country. You vote for Bush, then you get the Bush family of companies. You vote for Kerry, then you get Heinz squeezing ketchup bottles up your ass. Fantastic.

Fuck this country. I’m not voting, and I’m tired of hearing the same old bullshit lines about not voting. Not making a difference, not making a change. HELLO?! This is the real world, the rich are rich and the poor are poor. Middle class is just the lesser poor. The rich will do what they want and as long as they can shut the poor up, that’s all that matters to them.

You pathetic fools who think Kerry will make a difference because he feeds you some line about health care or social security, or some 10 year plan to bring people back from Iraq, or whatever the hell it is he spouts, do you really think this shit makes a difference in the long run? It’s all these minor little issues these politicians say they’ll fix, thing is, they’re issues which you can bullshit around. Put slightly more money into one area, and slightly more people will get to take advantage of it, but nothing really changed, you just shut up enough people to make the whole think it’s improved.

So whats the point again? Oh yeah, voting, that. Fuck voting.

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