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January 4, 2005

you don’t know people until you need something

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I’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t know a persons true self until you need something from them. However this changes depending on age…

For the censorship a parent imposes what is really being censored, nothing but their own evils. And while gradually the grasp slips loose for some reason the desire to keep those thoughts chained down remains. Why is this?

I think it’s because people know their own evil, and don’t want to come to terms with the fact that their existence in this society requires it to be functional. For what is capitalism but an exploitation of greed. And what causes this?

The desire to survive is one with no bounds. Why do we do the things we do? What makes survival one way better than another? Is life individually or as a whole more important? And what’s the deal with more is better?

I no longer see much purpose to this world, and while some desire within me exists I have to say that much of it is overwhelmed by my dislike of mankind. For the pleasure I seek is of little importance when put into perspective.

I see the many accomplishments we have made, technology and what not. What purpose does it serve? We share our thoughts and ideas until greed steps in, then we charge for them. What has this world come to?

And in the end it will go on, despite what I say I doubt any apocalypse is all that near, it will continue on, even without me here. I doubt what I say will ever make a difference, people are too stuck into their own beliefs. So what are peoples motives? Nothing but their own selfish desires being put into action. And while I may sometimes ignore this so as to avoid anger, people never cease to annoy me.

Why do we put up with shit to satisfy our own desires? Is it because the desire is weighing more in importance or is it that instinct pushes us to survive even if it requires that which is not desired. Or maybe It’s just me and my instant gratification. Even if it were it doesn’t change the facts.

What I really am starting to see is that being a social creature is made out to be as if it’s a group that helps each other but in reality it’s one using others to help themselves, and when everyone is doing it, all is well as long as everyone is willing and able to put up with some bullshit. What happens when that isn’t the case though?

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