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January 7, 2005

choose an identity

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choose an identity, make an enemy.

Yeah so you know I’m tired of writing about what path to take and other stupid teenager-establishing-an-identity bullshit. Even the things I like seem dull sometimes. What purpose does it serve to sit here moping about useless bullshit?

So while I live my life of self-indulgence and instant gratification while simultaneously feeding my laziness and questioning my existence, wait what was I going to say to justify that again?

I’m seriously starting to question whether my interests are well, all that interesting to me anymore, and if so are they rational? Are they too much to handle while living a “normal” life? By that I mean somehow occupying 8 to 10 hours a day “doing things for society” or whatever you call it.

If there was a job that instead destroyed society maybe it’d be more interesting, but eh….every time I fool myself into thinking there is more to humanity I end up being let down. My pleasure seeking has brought me to conclude that there is little to look forward to in the world except material possession or emotional pleasure, by that I mean happiness, by that I mean delusion.

Emotional pleasure is like the most pathetic thing in the world. Wake up in the morning oh what a jolly day, let’s go for a walk and later we can pick the weeds out of the garden! or something. Yeah so I’m kind of rationalizing it but seriously happiness is so limited for me it’s either neutral or questioning existence.

And so I leave my fate in the hands of our feline overlords, for them the answer is clear. The path of the chosen ones.

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