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January 9, 2005

have a passion? make it your fashion.

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wearing clothes designed to attract others of specific interests like a mating call to the stupid.

match your hair to your mental despair.

for those who are dumb shall only become dumber, them braincells ain’t coming back you know

I feel like I can kick some ass right now.

So what is with people and all the silly bullshit fashion fads? Haircuts and clothing trends…and you’ll say “but you’ve talked about this before!!” and yeah that’s true but let’s take another look at this from a new perspective also known as I haven’t written about this in a while, time to piss some people off.

Who the hell thought of the idea of haircuts anyway? What a stupid idea. Almost as stupid as body piercings and ritual genital mutilation. What is the deal with this race and it’s desire to change it’s appearance into unnatural mutant looking things? And why the hell are people turned on by it?

OH MY GOD IT’S BRITNEY SPEARS. I think I’m going to puke.

I can imagine in the future we’ll discover the secrets of genetic manipulation and the first thing people will want to do is make themselves have “naturally” pink hair or some stupid shit. Yes because people are that stupid, and stupid sells. You know, sometimes I wonder how we got this far. Maybe stupid people demanded some odd thing and those who invented things had to try and please their desires, because otherwise they’d make no money.

Let’s look at some stupid misuses of technology.

– Neon lights. Not going to say anything more.
– Pacifiers, because ravers just had to lower themselves to the stupidity of babies.
– Babies. Does sexual reproduction count as technology? I don’t know but babies are stupid so they can go here.
– Cellphones. Yeah so whoever thought you’d one day be using a phone to type messages to people. This one is so full of stupid I can’t even begin.
– Sub-woofers. No, these were not made so you can stick abundant masses of them in the trunk of your car.
– Instant messaging. New and improved AOL 69.0 includes features such as anal rape on demand, video chat, voice chat, other such bloat which has no damn right to be in an instant messenger! All because stupid people now own computers.
– Drum machines, samplers, sequencers, sound effects, music production equipment in general. Yes this one is a bit broad. It’s here because they make pop music with it, and pop music is terrible.

Okay so I’m going to stop there, plus I kind of ran out of things to put.

Makeup, clothing, earings, tattoos, hair cuts, hair dye, jewelery.
Dumb, stupid, low self-esteem, dependant, follower, fool, ignoramus.

But, but! Fashion is an art! Yeah, and so is self-fellatio if you want it to be. If you like something there is no requirement you must look like it, or, a more up to date way of saying this, some monopolies definition of what fashion you should wear if you like a certain thing they produce.

Look at me, I probably look like some lazy bum, and shit that wouldn’t be too far off. Oh wow even not doing anything can be a fashion! God damn I hate people.

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