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July 3, 2005

consumer whores

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The summer time sucks. It’s official. The sun burns and blinds you while you let social expectations of what relaxation is overcome your senses.


skin cancer


but let’s not worry about what we put ourselves through for a moment so we can enjoy 2 hours doing such leisure activity. Let’s not mention the massive amounts of money which must be made off the tools who buy into this stuff either.

Instead, let’s worry about how intellectually dull one must be to find such activities enjoyable. Oh look, water! I think I’m going to shit my pants.

I used to like swimming, it’s not too bad I guess, but I find the hassle of dealing with extreme temperatures, sun lotions, walking on hard cement, and not to mention pool cleaning if you happen to own a pool, much worse then the result of actually using such a facility. I guess you could swim when it’s darker out, but most people aren’t that logical.

What’s with the beach? I hate the beach. Fuck sand. Sand sucks. The ocean is fine but the beach is not the ocean. Bays have no beaches and just drop right off into ocean, that’s fine. Fuck beaches.

Consumer whores with their fancy little “bathing suits” such a contradiction because most of the whiny little whores are too worried about getting their hair wet or stepping into the cold ocean water then actually getting the damn thing wet. Why not just call them waterproof bras and panties, that’s essentially what they are.

Basically a pathetic excuse to get men and women to take their clothes off. Sometimes I wonder how far the mating game has to go before people realize how stupid they are being. Just admit you’re fucking teases already. Oh well let those fools go get cancer from the sun and we’ll let natural selection weed them out. Let’s just hope they brought their kids with them.

I have a new proposal. Let’s set up arrays of UV-C lighting systems around beaches to help speed up the process of natural selection. That should do the trick. I swear if I see one more stupid beach commercial showing palm tree and waves running up the shore I’m going to kill someone.

Palm trees are kind of cool, but let’s not fool ourselves, they’re fucking TREES. What are you going to do with them other then look at them? Don’t feed me some line about nature’s beauty, take a picture and get over yourselves. What’s with pictures anyway? Pictures suck. I hate when people take a picture of me. Remembering the moment my ass, if you’re dumb enough that you’d forget the moment what purpose is remembering it anyway? It obviously didn’t matter that much to you.

I haven’t written anything in a while but now I have, and surprisingly enough I’m still the same cynical asshole all you remember me to be. Damn I rule.

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