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July 18, 2005

teens with dreams

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This one goes out to every teenager who thinks they have a message.

All the morons out there posting crappy lyrics or what not about how the world is so bad and their goal is to make it better. To all the pipe dreaming morons out there:


You insignificant twits think you have all the answers but as soon as the real world hits you in the face you realize you don’t have the time to fuck around worrying about world peace. Instead, you worry about what clothes to wear to your job interview at Big-Business-Inc. You’re just pathetic little tools, that’s what you all are. You don’t really care about the problems in the world, all you care about is yourself. You convince yourself that you do so you can feel good about yourself, but that doesn’t matter because starving africans are still dying.

I lost my compassion for the human race long ago. At this point I’m under the distinct impression that the reason those africans are starving is their own damn fault. I mean you’d think if millions of people all were having some issue they’d think of something, but no, they just stay in the same shitty place in the same shitty situation and rot away. I don’t have time to care about outdated cultures.

People are stupid. Some more than others. I’m tired of every teen who thinks they’re on some sort of mission. There is nothing to be accomplished, why not take a look at yourself before worrying about the rest of the world? I’m sure you’ll find a lot more bullshit there then you will elsewhere. I swear if I hear one more kid whining about world peace or some other stereotypical bullshit cause I’m going to kill someone.

But but but…humans are smarter then animals! Yeah right, keep telling yourself that. I’m tired of people saying stupid shit like that. It’s that sort of arrogance which leads to false compassion in the first place. Too concerned about yourself to notice that your intentions of saving the world are really just selfish identity issues.

all you cunts can die.

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  1. You’re just so emo. Ewwww….

    Comment by frumin — July 26, 2005 @ 6:02 pm

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