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September 22, 2005

Ecofags, Hippies, Gas Prices, and Poor Mindsets.

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What’s with all the ecofags and hippies going around these days? I am always hearing shit like “I’m vegan, I don’t eat meat, there’s not enough resources for animals, etc, etc.”

Fuck you. I don’t care. Scientists have been working their asses off trying to make foods more efficient to grow and what not but all you bastards do is complain that it’s poisoning our food and you proceed to eat the more wasteful supposedly “organic” crap. Yeah, good for you, you’re saving the fucking planet aren’t you? Then you go and smoke weed and proceed to eat like a glutton. Go and die, hippy scum.

What’s with all the losers driving hummers? Way to fuck the gas prices over. Your ugly ass SUV doesn’t impress me so get a fucking life. Your false sense of american pride makes me want to spit in your face. America is finally getting a sense of the “real world” when it comes to gas prices and it’s our own damn faults for ruining something we had that was going good. Go and die, american pigs.

What’s with poor people with poor mindsets? Am I supposed to feel sorry for people because they’re less fortunate? If it were that simple then maybe that’d seem logical, but if we’re talking about bitter people with an attitude then where do you draw the line? Poor mindsets will make you poor. I recall my piece on social class from a few years ago which I covered similar topics, however now with more certainty I can say that people who are poor are typically raised into a certain mindset which gives them a disadvantage, they don’t have any class, they won’t impress people. You can’t go around acting all sleezy and expect to get paid more. So quit your fucking bitching that you have to work so hard just to make ends meat, I don’t care, quit acting like such a douchebag and maybe you wouldn’t have to. And it doesn’t even have to do with intelligence, I wish it did, but it doesn’t. Look how many stupid fucks are rich.

If you have a poor mindset and proceed to put down the way I live then you are just out of place. End of story. I don’t care how “great” my life is compared to yours. People try to tell me their problems are somehow worse than mine because they have less money. That’s just not how it works, get over it. Go and die, poor losers.

My ever growing arrogance will defeat you.

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  1. Your ever growing arrogance..

    sounds about right.

    Comment by kt — September 22, 2005 @ 6:00 pm

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