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July 9, 2006


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So while browsing through some crazy ass sites on the internet I’ve determined that transexuals are nuts.

Okay so let’s re-examine that statement a little bit. I don’t really care if someone wants to go out and have their body modified or what not. People should be able to do whatever the fuck they want to their own body. What I really have an issue with are these people, whether male or female, who just say they “feel” like they are the opposite sex. Or some how just always “were” in their head. No, no you fucking weren’t. What’s your DNA say? Are there some chromosomes? Are there X and Y ones or X and X ones? Yeah? How’s that make you feel?

I just don’t buy this bullshit. People permanently modifying their bodies and possibly causing irreversable damage just because they have some fucked up self-image problems. Instead of dealing with their image problems, they’ll just turn themselves into that image. This just seems psychotic and against all common sense. I’m tired of seeing this crap which is all apologetic towards it. Now it’s supposed to be acceptable or something. They try to use the same kind of reasoning that the gay communities use, and I don’t buy that.

Gay people don’t usually just claim they “feel” like a woman inside or something and that’s their why they like guys (or vice versa for lesbians.) Infact I think whenever someone says they “feel” that they are something to do with physical image they’re probably full of shit. Prime example: I feel fat.

No you don’t. Fat is not a fucking feeling. You feel like a insecure piece of shit is what you feel. You fat fuck. Seriously though I am tired of hearing statements like this. It just makes me think these people are completely out of touch with themselves and so they have to resort to drastic measures to satisfy their insecurities.

Even if these people do have some sort of chemical imbalance or have some kind of mutated DNA which makes them think they are of the opposite sex or something, it still doesn’t change the fact that these were born a certain way, and no amount of surgery is going to change your DNA. It just doesn’t make sense to go and start mutilating your body. This just seems like an extreme case of “I can’t accept who I am” and that’s just not cool.

Then of course some jack-off is going to bring up hermaphrodites. This is an entirely different issue. Many of these people were forced to have their genders changed one way or the other without any say in the matter. On top of this many hermaphrodites do tend to lean one way or the other, but many times are reassigned just based on what they are physically closest to, and that’s not much better, I must admit. I personally feel these types of people should only have surgery done without consent only if it poses a health risk or would otherwise get in the way of daily life. I wouldn’t have an objection to one of these people having surgery later in life, as there is a genuine physical mutation in these cases.

This isn’t what I’m talking about though. I’m talking about people born with 100% functional bodies from the start, who are then changing them because they “feel” a certain way. I just don’t buy it. Accept who you are, whether that means your body is the way you wanted it to be or not. If you are going to go get some crazy modifications done, it better not be because you “feel” it’s the right thing to do. It better be strictly because you want it done, because you’re either a sick fuck, or are just amused by weird shit. Maybe you want to be a freak show porn star. Hey whatever, I don’t care. It just better not be because you couldn’t accept your body the way it was and had to get it changed to satisfy your insecurities.

And I’m tired of these fuckheads calling themselves “he” or “she” when genetically speaking they are not. Sorry just cause you had your tits/dick chopped off and started injecting hormones doesn’t mean you can start claiming you’re the opposite sex.

And yes I understand all the social stigma regarding gender identity and I understand how gender in general is a cultural thing that varies, this isn’t what I’m talking about. Personally I think it’s stupid to associate things to one gender or another anyway. Such as men like football and women like flowers. Whatever, this is bullshit. Quit following others expectations and this problem goes away.

Who cares what they want you to be, just be who the fuck you are. Even if you are some insecure prick, that doesn’t mean you have to chop it off.

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