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October 16, 2006

crazy shit

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you know being a kid was kinda weird for me, I’ve always kinda lived by my own ways, so my general feeling of being is usually the same as it was then. Strangeness.

Oh yeah I shaved and it totally weirded everyone out. I’m kind of amused by it. Okay this is turning into a stupid journal diary style entry and its pissing me off.
Fuck that.

I hate you all and I rule. You wish you ruled this much. I need to start kicking asses again on here, unfortunately my specimen samples have been pretty weak with the job occupying most of my time. Oh yeah, apparently I’m offensive to some people, which I find awesome. Everything I say is true and absolute, so when I’m joking around it must be hard for people to know the difference. Oh well, maybe that just means the joke applied to you personally, which is usually a bad thing. In that case, the jokes on you!

what a bad joke.

As of recently there hasn’t been much I’ve wanted to do and haven’t been able to get done, well except maybe make a couple million dollars, but I’m working on that one. I gave up on that whole hard work gets you far thing long ago, I haven’t believed such nonsense since I wrote my piece a few years back regarding the mind trick we call capitalism. Trick enough of the people to think hard work, a good education, or what not is the key to making it rich, meanwhile the real rich couldn’t give a rats ass, most of which got where they were by a combination of connections and just plain old being at the right place, at the right time. I wrote that piece over 2 years ago. Amazing.

So I love it when people try to convince me that pushing harder at my dead-end job is somehow going to get me places. Yeah right. I don’t even think it’ll get me places at the job, none the less in “The Real World”. Didn’t I write something about people who use “the real world” as justifications for their argument? Damn, I think I did. So much that I have written about. This has become some sort of reflection on the past. As of recent I haven’t had as much time to reflect on myself as I did in those days, it’s weird what a job can do to you, but I refuse to become a dog. And I refuse to let my skills rot away. I will kick ass regardless of peoples mind trickery.

I definitely miss the life of slacking. So I must do something soon if I want to make the kind of money I will need to return to my slackery.

It’s funny being the self-proclaimed top-guy at my job. I didn’t even make that up, the stats show it as well. No one will ever admit it to me though, they’d probably think I’ll be cocky about it just because I’m cocky about everything else. By saying this I probably even seem cocky. Oh well.

I think this just shows how much I rule. Even at a crappy job that I hate I can kick ass. Just wait, one day I will release my true potential. Then I will retire to a life of slackery. I’m young, I could go to college and try to fit into some predefined mold depending on the classes I take, or I could just risk it and see what happens. After all, what do I have to lose? I think I have more to lose with the former, such as time. I don’t like losing time. Time is money.

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