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July 13, 2007

blogs as a fad, people hate me part 2

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It seems like blogs for some people have become just an extension of the journal fads of years past. Anyone remember livejournal or xanga? It seems like they have almost become unheard of in these days of myspace and blogs, which seems to have much replaced the whole concept of a community journal.

Those who have been reading this “blog” for a long time know that it was originally a livejournal, which is still partially alive at http://lx-xero.livejournal.com/ and I also crossposted to a xanga for some time though at this point I’ve stopped posting to both and only use wordpress since it’s easier. I still hesitate using the word “blog” to describe this thing, since it was originally a livejournal and that’s technically a journal right? I don’t really care what it is, it’s my waste of space.

However I can’t help but feel that this concept of a blog, in particular using certain pieces of software considered blog-worthy, like WordPress or MovableType, has become a fad in itself, just as livejournal and xanga had in the years before. As those fads eventually died out, new ones replaced them and it’s starting to seem that this recent blog trend is no different for some people.

I think with the name blog, online journals or commentaries or whatever the hell these things are, got more popular. The name blog was the official name such a thing could now be called and understood by to the masses. And as usual, the masses follow like the puppets that they are.

When I started this thing, I didn’t even know of the word blog and it wasn’t until years later that the word became so popular. Anyway, I conclude that the word blog is stupid and I hate trend following drones. What else is new.

People hate me. Wait that’s not new either. Oh well, I’ll try again harder next time. Seriously though, there’s just something about me that drives some people absolutely mad, while other people will have absolutely no problem with me what-so-ever. And there’s usually equal proportions of both of these groups of people to go around. However, the really fucked up people are the ones who hate me but kind of just pretend nothing is wrong, letting out their hatred in bizarre ways instead of just letting me know. There’s also those love/hate types of people who can’t seem to make up their mind. Regardless, they always seem to be coming back for more.

After all, I’m used to it at this point. People just don’t get how I think and mistake some of my non-actions as some sort of malicious intent. Blowing things out of proportion, or maybe just plain misunderstanding me, who knows. After all, I’m just some cocky know-it-all, right? If only things were really that simple. I think part of my problem is that I’m too damn honest for my own good sometimes. Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth, they want some buttered up bullshit that they can take rectally if necessary. And I’m not serving that right now, ass kicking is only item on the menu right now.

You know, I’ve always been bad in groups, people seem to always think I’m obnoxious or shy, depending on the type of group. I suppose there’s room for improvement, but I hate the thought of having to bullshit people in order to make amends with those who have a problem with me. This is essentially what many people do and I sort of feel that it’s unfortunate that some people can’t be forthcoming. I kick asses, I don’t make flower bouquets.

I think part of my problem is that I really haven’t been challenged mentally in a while. I haven’t had a good opponent, someone to kind of test my limits with, make sure I have my head on straight. I think this is why I started taking up some other hobbies recently, however many of these are long term efforts and this is still only a self-challenge, something I could essentially give up on with little rebuttal if I were so inclined. Which I won’t , but it still doesn’t fill the void. I think maybe I’m looking in the wrong places.

I don’t have time for childish bullshit. You know it wasn’t so long ago someone called me immature, I sort of felt like, what the hell does this person know? After all, I’m probably much more mature than the average person my age in many ways, I think sometimes people take for granted as to how young I actually am.

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