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August 5, 2007

intelligence games

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I’m getting sick and tired of intelligence games.

This is a statement which could be taken quite a few ways I’m sure, but in this particular case, it could really mean any game that some sort of intelligence is associated with. First thing that comes to mind it chess, and recently it’s been the Rubik’s cube.

These things don’t make you smart. These are things some autistic kid will beat you at hands down if they so desired. Or some jackass biggot self-hating jew like Bobby Fisher. Fuck that asshole. I mean, what’s the point? Memorization, pattern recognition, whatever. I don’t really care, these games don’t interest me and they have nothing to do with intelligence.

Maybe I’m just not a very “fun” person, I’ve never had much of a competitive side. Maybe that’s why some people get so pissed off when they try to compete with me, I’m just not participating in their stupid mind games. Sometimes it seems that certain people have some kind of point they’re trying to prove to me with it all, but to be honest I’m just not biting, I don’t care. Play your stupid games but keep that shit to yourself. I’m not playing some stupid game just to impress someone else, essentially turning it into a game of ass-kissing. And you know what, that’s exactly what I’ve seen going on.

Such rudimentary skills serve no purpose to me in the real world. There’s a few games I used to play a good amount of back in the day and still do occasionally, solitary mahjongg, tetris, some first person shooters, those little metal things where you’ve got to get the ring out of some kind of bendable structure, oh whatever, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t play these games to impress people or prove intelligence, my main reason for playing such games was entirely to pass time, back when I actually had large amounts of free time.

Now I have a job, I don’t have quite as much free time, so I just don’t play these games anymore. They were never that important to me anyway. However, some people have the nerve to play stupid games like this while on the job. And they’re still getting paid for it and bragging about how it’s some sort of intelligence enhancing bullshit. My only response to this? Fuck you.

You know, I’ve been disrespected enough times as it is, but I’m generally not a slacker, regardless of whatever the arbitrarily generated statistics say. I go to work and I pretty much sit there and work the entire day. I won’t deny that sometimes co-workers can distract me into side conversations, but this only happens occasionally and hardly to the same extent. I can’t help but feel the lack of discipline which I see on a daily basis is inevitably going to lead to a lack of respect and a lack of respect in that type of environment basically means you’re worthless in the long run.

Thank goodness I may have some more opportunities coming to me shortly.

On a side note, this has suddenly reminded me of the term “team player” and “being a team player”. Fuck that. I’ve always been a very independent person and generally try to figure things out myself before relying on someone else. Does that make me not a team player? Who knows. I just hate depending on other people because generally the only person I can trust in my current work environment is myself. The majority of people that I’m around are far too full of themselves to give me any more insight into much of anything. They might be able to help me solve a puzzle though. Fuck that. I wish I was just being cocky, I really wish that’s all this was.

It’s not. It’s a double standard. Everyone else can be cocky towards certain individuals and it’s perfectly acceptable, but there’s some sort of arbitrary line which you’re apparently not supposed to cross. I think by now most people know that I’m somewhat of a perpetual line crosser. If you draw a line you are doing nothing but tempting me. And I love doing things out of spite, this is my ultimate revenge. What can I say, I’m not a very difficult person to please. Shit, I’m writing this entry out of spite. Take that!

I’m also sick and tired of people claiming that I’m rude or disrespectful because of really minute stupid little shit that anyone who’s half sane wouldn’t even care about. To be honest, I think it’s more rude and disrespectful to be wasting my time with such vague gibberish. If you aren’t going to be entirely forthcoming with me and just tell me partial details or what not, I’d rather you just not say anything. Otherwise, you’re just making things worse.

And god damnit, I’ll be loud if I want to be. Not everyone is born equally, not everyone has worked as hard for identical achievements. Maybe I have gotten where I am with little difficulty, maybe that has made me cocky, but if you spent twice the time and hours of your life in schooling and studying for the same result? Maybe I am just a little bit better than you in the long run. Or does my lack of social skills make us even? I guess that depends entirely on who I’m talking to, seeing most people have no issue with me except for the uptight nerds. I’ve talked about them before. They’re the ones that lose when I win.

You know, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I always get what I want. This has nothing to do with what is given to me, I work for what I want, and I may not even have to work as hard for it as others would have. And if that’s made me cocky, so be it. In the end, you lose and I win, so I don’t care. One particular job, situation, event, whatever, does not change this. Til the day I die, I will always do whatever necessary to get what I want. You can’t stop me.

And if that pisses you off, maybe your stupid ass should take some initiative and try it out for yourself instead of taking out your frustrations on other people.

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