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March 29, 2008

religion as a fad: how straight do you have to be until you’re gay

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Following the tradition of my last post, I’ve decided to make another post about everyone’s favorite subject, religion.

Religion is gay. That’s right, you’re a fag if you like religion. Therefore you can do us all a favor and stone yourself to death for being the good little sinner that you are. Religion is a fad of the weak. In America religion has quickly lost all value. Being religious and republican and yet having practically no morality what-so-ever is so stereotypical at this point that I’m starting to think all politicans are gay. Which gay? Buttsex gay, or gay-by-religious-proxy? These days, it’s hard to tell.

Actually the real reason I’m writing this is because of christian rock bands. That’s right, this garbage should be burned along with a pile of bibles in public display. It seems too stereotypical that the religious fucktards are then listening to christian rock bands and/or christian metal bands which I didn’t even know was a seperate sub-category of suck until I looked up what that shit-containing* band P.O.D is classified as.

You know what, at this point I stopped hating all religions equally. I’m starting to hate christ-based religions the most now and I’m blaming it on christian rock bands. If there’s an ex-jew you should be worshiping, it should be me, since I rule far more than that fucktard jesus ever could. Fuck ’em.

If you wish to be spiritually raped and morally molested then look no further than the holy spirit, teaching your children naughty words and making your dog pee on the carpet. That’s right, Christianity is the root of all evil. For there is no true satanism, at least not in the way you’d think. The so called religion known as satanism has little to do with the satan and hell of christianity but rather is more of a hedonism of sorts.

Fact is, Christianity is both god and satan, heaven and hell, and the fools believing in it are doing nothing but creating delusions of eternal bliss and fear. That’s right, fear, not eternal pain. For what is christianity but a religion of suppression, denial, and fear. You are all the puppets of false hope and purveyors of fear. Now die and go to hell like a good christian.

*perhaps a synonym of fudge-packing?

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