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June 14, 2008

I hate tan chicks

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Did I ever tell anyone that I hate tan chicks? Well, I do.

You know, sometimes in real life I see people who are so superficial it seems they go out of their way to make themselves look like someone they aren’t. Instead of looking anything resembling beautiful, they just look like an artificial piece of shit. Whether it be body modifications like botox or breast implants, or tanning, fake tanning, among other things.

What the fuck, why can’t these people just be comfortable with the way they are? What the hell is the big deal with being white? It’s not like you have it hard or anything. Quit trying to look like a Brazilian hooker with AIDS and maybe you won’t look so terrible.

It’s always the people with low self-esteem and eating disorders. Cry me a fucking river. They talk about their weight and putting on the pounds constantly, as if they are fat to begin with, half the time their rib cage is probably poking out further than their breasts are since they’ve burnt all the fat on their body from starving themselves, so I guess they then have to get implants to compensate. These people make themselves look like freaks then get upset about it and start talking about suicide.

Fuck you. I hate you, you are ugly because you made yourself ugly. Had you not done anything, you probably wouldn’t have looked half bad. Now look what you’ve done, you’re a mess. Quit concerning yourself over stupid bullshit and maybe people will actually respect you for who you are instead of your body. No, instead you’ll wonder why all the guys you get are such assholes.

I’ve drawn a diagram to better indicate the type of person I’m talking about:
ugly chick

Fuck tan chicks and their whiny emo-bitchery. Go jump off a bridge and die.

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