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October 22, 2009

I’m a blogger and you should care about my opinions (aka if this really were a blog)

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In life, I have extraordinarily low expectations and when someone takes time out of the day to personally greet me and treat me as their god for simply being present, I prefer this.

Normally, people just ignore me, not even giving me a glance, but when I walked into this particular venue, my experience was that of a king. Why, I can’t help but recommend it to all my friends. Clearly this is how everything should be.

You other people don’t understand, everyone’s expectations are already so low. Such insignificant smalltalk, to me, makes the difference. Why, who knows if this was a one-off event, or just a particularly nice person. Okay, so maybe all the staff does act like a big group of happy robots, but then wait a minute, is this really a legit conversation then? But let’s forget about that, I’m a blogger and I have opinions and I thought this was good and you should too. And now you all should spread the word, because the bird is the word.

Look, I’m a blogger and I am an expert. Don’t even think about it.

blogging is not an excuse
blogging is not a job
blogging is not marketing
blogging is the problem

and suicide is the solution.

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