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October 11, 2012

social disconnect network

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Meanwhile, in social networking land, everyone is busy #pattingeachotherontheback and #jerkingeachotheroff on twitter. Oh look, facebook, another witty eCard, a half-ass political or religious debate, and/or other random pictures. Oh, internet, you are so predictable.

Oh wait, pictures of cats. All is well now.

You know, I’ve always written this blog with no real intentions of any sort, just kind of my way to get out my thoughts and feelings or whatever the fuck those things are. I never intended it as a social device or platform, but have occasionally brought it up in social contexts, after-the-fact.

I guess my real problem is that I’m not in the market for opinions, and I’m not buying yours just because you’re selling it. I don’t have to care about your opinion, even if I might agree with it, and that is what makes me awesome, and you just another piece of shit on the internet looking for attention.

I don’t know what it is, but I can just sense this shit from a mile away now. What are people’s intentions anyway? Actually check that, they’re all probably on the same bullshit quest for money, power, and notoriety. Not that I’m immune to such diseases but I do things on my own terms, not with pats on the back coming from others. That’s what makes me different from the average schmuck with a twitter, blog, and facebook.

This will always be more real than anything any of those kind of people will write, ever. There can’t be greatness without validity, and lack of intention. It’s like an accident. You didn’t intend for it, you didn’t just sucker everyone around you into joining the cult of yourself only to then surprise them with your greatness, no, that’s just not how it works.

Some think so, though. Those who are all talk, of course, love others who are as well. This is simple, because neither will attempt to call each other out on their lack of credibility. When someone who actually takes action is around, well, fuck em, distract them with needless questions, bear no responsibility of the need to provide proof to your claims, then agree to disagree, so you can still feel right in the end.

This is your modern society. This is your culture. The thinly veiled smiles you see on those around you are just due to ignorance of the reality around them. Only those who choose to keep their eyes open will see the truth, the others, let them revel in the ignorance of social approval over reality. What have you really achieved in the end? How will history remember you?

That’s right, just another fucking peasant. Off with his head! Bring in the jester! Entertain me fool!

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