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October 21, 2012

living in your own reality

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Sometimes people live in another world. Like literally, their entire life is a completely different world from yours. Different people with different opinions and they’re just immersed in it all. I guess this is not a surprise for many, but the thing one must realize is that just because of this fact, something to one person may mean a completely different thing to you.

However, and also because of this, you might be lulled by the confidence they have in their opinions, despite it all being based upon a completely false reality. I’m the kind of person who likes to smash other’s realities. I don’t often find people who can smash mine. I’ve done a lot of brain exploration and what not in my days. If this blog isn’t a testament to that, what is?

I think I’ve got a lot more realistic expectations of things at this point. We’ve all got our problems, but some people are so deluded that their problem lies on the very basis of their reality, rather than on any particular opinion. I think my biggest thing at this point is lack of focus on any particular thing, as I attempt to do all of the things. I also choose not to have the largest social life in the world at this point, as I find the amount of people who I get along with on that kind of level is limited.

It’s funny, as some people consider me outgoing these days, but I still internalize a lot, so I don’t really know if I truly consider myself that way. I think many people make the mistake of only interpreting the person you are to them, rather than the person you are to everyone else. I also think it gives me an automatic upper hand on people who live externally to a fault, as those people are generally blinded by trying to fit in with the group around them for approval and even sacrifice themselves in order to appear as if they get along with people they don’t truly like.

That can be almost puzzling to me at times. Why pretend to enjoy someone, they will just keep coming back? If you were real to them, you would have just lost their attention and they’d move on. Being fake is never really beneficial to achieving much of anything. Maybe some ruse of popularity or likability at best, but I’m not dumb enough to fall for that kind of crap. What is wrong with some people? Why must we maintain false realities? We’re just maintaining the groupthink and false sense of brotherhood.

I immediately think of religion, evangelicals, the bible belt, republicans, politicians, business men, irish catholic stereotypes, so on and so forth.

I will never help you maintain a false reality. I will not participate in groupthink and/or brotherhood/secret society type of behavior. I recognize true comradely and not just a facade of regalia. We have large institutions that are corrupting this country, they’re called religion, they’re called police, they’re called corporations, thought control, the idea that the government should be telling you what’s right and wrong for you. What you’re allowed to eat, drink, smoke, swallow, breath…

Every time someone dies from their own irresponsibility we must ignore that and instead form a cause, a charity, a militia, take donations, create a focus group, and have 10 laws made and engraved onto stones which should be put in front of buildings telling everyone else how they should live because one person dear to them fucked it up and we must all pay the price.

I really wish I was making it up. I really wish there were people who didn’t think like this. There are. They are republicans, they are democrats, they are everywhere. They are completely irrational, illogical, selfish, so blind about their own emotions and feelings that they put turn raw emotional responses into direct opinion and don’t even question the logic or rationality of it even once.

And there are crowds of people who will jump up to support them in their cause, purely because of the emotional response it elicits in them. It’s like a pastor to the parish, amen! And you may all now be seated.

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