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March 28, 2013

I write when I want to, bitch.

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I feel like there’s one thing in life that never goes away and that’s no matter what stage of life, childhood, adulthood, work or school, there’s always propaganda carried out by interested parties in order to attempt to encourage or dissuade certain behaviors. You know me, in my typical spiteful ways I’ll do the opposite, but what if one of those things is writing? Well, I write when I want to, bitch.

That’s right, no one’s ever told me when to write or what to write about. And no one ever will. Fuck you. Writing is not some asset, writing can be the most stupid pile of crap ever, or the best thing in the world, and the same thing might be the complete opposite to some other people.

School would make you think writing is just something you have to know, must learn that alphabets, learn how to read and write, speak, enunciate…and then comes the boring essays, reports, papers, what not. I don’t know about you but that shit was the worst thing in the world to motivate me to write.

Even more so if it’s coming from an employer, in which case it almost seems, odd. Look, I’m not afraid to speak my mind, but sometimes I also prefer not to speak at all. And further more, I speak when I want to. I don’t get why it’s a big deal to speak or give lectures, talks, etc. I’ve done it before, I don’t really think it means anything. There’s some people that just love to hear themselves talk, especially if they’re talking about themselves. And there’s some people who I guess enjoy being lectured to or going to lectures or talks about things. I guess that’s fine. I don’t really enjoy learning this way at all.

Give me the boring table of technical information. I want the manual and some good examples. I don’t need a 200 page book with little personal quips interjected between tons of random white space and whatever. I want practical examples and reference material, the kind of thing which shouldn’t take more than 10 pages in most cases.

Why am I this way? I don’t fucking know. Maybe I’m just a technical freak? I’ve been doing this shit and taming the machines my whole damn life, what do you expect right? I mean I see people who go to college for this shit and struggle through it, but then there’s some people who know enough to be dangerous and then there’s the people who bullshit their way through with whatever knowledge they do have. I am not those people.

I figure shit out. I play with things. I experiment. I learn through necessity, not through convenience. I don’t learn by shoving myself into a room supposedly full of knowledge, I learn from breaking things, creating things, by applying knowledge when the situation necessitates it. Telling me about your experiences is nice, but that doesn’t magically convert into my experience. To retain knowledge, you need to apply it, not just talk about it.

There’s no magical knowledge that someone knows that you don’t or can’t. It’s just a matter of necessity, those people needed to do something and needed to find a way to do it. The experience creates knowledge, the knowledge creates experience. However, without both, you retain neither, and truly have nothing.

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