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January 17, 2014

Escaping Passive-Aggression, Embrace Honesty

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In all the individuals I know who are passive-aggressive, they’re always the most bottled up people who never express what’s on their mind. In some cases, this is the result of workaholic-overachiever sort of behavior mixed with an overly-opinionated world view and high self-importance, with little confidence to back it up. Due to this, they also wear some of the biggest masks, as the stakes of being called out are that much higher.

It’s a thin-shroud on top of a an ugly surface. It’s the fact that they’re keeping their true shitty opinions to themselves, and only letting you know bits and pieces. The snideness of their aggression being only one of many symptoms of this almost narcissistic level of self-worth. Why should I have to be serious and explain anything to anyone when I can just instead be a sarcastic dick and mentally masturbate over how shitty I think you are and how great I am?

I prefer to be blunt. I know it can upset people sometimes, but on the other hand, I am not an asshole. Oh, I can be mean sometimes, but at heart, I’m an easy going person. If you are a relaxed down to earth person, you will get along just fine with me. You really have to have a pretty shitty character for me to just dick you out, but, that’s pretty much how I go about it. I just ignore passive-aggressive behavior, and people. It drives them crazy because without ever acknowledging their abusive opinion, they can’t follow through. They can’t feel the satisfaction of having just taken a mental jab at you when you ignore it, or even better, take it in jest. Am I being elitist about it? Maybe somewhat, but I don’t tolerate abusers, and neither should you.

There are some people who believe that trying to be bureaucratic and “playing the game” to get on these people’s good sides is worth the effort. I do not believe this at all. I think you’re an enabler if this is your stance. Passive-aggressive behavior can’t just be worked-around like it’s no big deal. It’s subtle abuse. It should not be tolerated.

Being honest isn’t hard, just state the truth. Both what you think is factually true, and what you’re feeling. One and not the other misses the whole picture, and just telling people things without explaining them borders on useless. On the other hand, passive-aggressive attacks/insults are not compassionate or touchy-feely, they’re abusive, unproductive behaviors. They’re empty promises, they’re lies. They’re incomplete pictures on a torn canvas. Don’t listen to this crap, refuse to tolerate it.

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