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January 18, 2014

Books are for dummies

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Ever feel like some people read books just so they can act like they know more than you? Even if you both fundamentally understand the same concepts in the book regardless of how you learned them?

There’s this elitist nerdy type that is like, “yeah I read 100 books a year, fuck you.” Some people need to justify their own beliefs by reading books. This, expanded, perhaps more detailed knowledge, of the very same exact concepts, somehow makes them more capable of understanding the task at hand.

I feel like this is an attitude that’s formed entirely by educational institutions and the people who worship them. People often talk about nerds, book-nerds, that annoying type of nerd that historically wasn’t all so chic and popular, this is the true face behind that image. It’s the annoying elitist book-nerd that thinks they’re highly educated, because they read lots of books and do well in school, but lack the ability to form their own ideas or opinions without having something in paperback to back it up. Yet they’ll act like they’re intelligent educators, when really they’re just sheepish followers.

They only know how to echo the ideas they read in books, rather than being capable of forming those ideas by themselves, without external influence. They aren’t truly scientific and innovative minds, they are simply pretending to be by repeating the works of those who were.

It’s like, they can’t just have ideas for their own merit, they have to have them because someone else told them it’s so and they can feel better than everyone else for having read something about the concept that the other person hasn’t. It’s like, you can read 50 books about the same topic, but do you really know any more about it after the first few? That’s kind of where books just start to bore me, but for these people, there’s never enough. More is better than you.

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