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April 10, 2014

TIL #TBT FAMILY PHOTOS, OMG WTF BBQ? Internet, you have gotten lame lately

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The more people that use the internet, the more it is dragged down by the average intelligence of those who are using it. This isn’t the geeky hacker/yuppy business-man playground it used to be. Now-a-days, it’s just another outlet for instant gratification. Oh, let’s ‘like’ that thing I like! Let’s join that group, or post that hash tag, tweet that 140 character or less pile of drivel.

Now, instead of being part of one particular clique or interest, you can be a part of ALL of them at once! Instantly categorize yourself into many convenient stereotypes at the click of a button. Why choose one, when you can choose all? And then conveniently hash tag it to further categorize your every thought or notion.

Then on top of that, there’s the self-righteousness and self-importance of it all. The average internet dweller of this type is always going to be self-righteous about the things they’ve liked. You’re publicly announcing all this bullshit, are we supposed to be forced to like it too? Oh, it’s the internet, just hit the ban/ignore button, all is made better, right?

If only it were so simple. Now, more than ever, in this age of everyone using the internet, do we see people puff up their egos over the most asinine bullshit. Subjective arguments that get dragged off into nowhere that usually end up in name calling or one person claiming to have trolled the other, thus making them the victor in the argument, clearly. All over asinine drivel that quite honestly, most people should keep to themselves. When did we lose that decency? Did we ever truly have it at all, or is this just the average dregs of humanity making itself more known to me?

It comes from all sides too. Even atheists or people who claim to be open-minded can be just as bigoted and hateful towards others (including each other) as bad as many of the religious zealots they are trying to prove wrong. The hilarious thing is, there will always be someone saying that oh, why is this group so angry and hateful? Meanwhile, another few people on the same group usually joins in and says, oh, not all of us are like that. No, but you grouped yourself in, and now look, it turns out not all people in the group are the same! Quick, we must destroy one side of the argument through overwhelming group consensus before things get out of control!

And thus, in the quest to be individual, with unique likes and interests, instead, we’ve all become sheep, to an even larger and more complex scheme than ever before. We’ve diversified our similarities and divided them into infinity, now it seems like to interact with another person you’ve got to go through some gigantic checklist of bullshit, compare their likes with your own, oh wait, they liked some political thing I don’t like, well fuck them, then.

Everything has to be a cause. I’ve wrote about that before, it ties into this as well. These days, I feel like I rarely meet people who don’t hold some whack job belief or another, or are on some kind of crusade. There’s just too few people left in the world with their heads on straight, it really feels like that at times.

I’ve never been one with all that much faith in humanity anyway, but I feel like the average intelligence and collective intelligence as a whole is just too varied right now, too many people would rather selfishly ruin it for their rest of us, either for a quick laugh or out of fear of eternal spanking, or for a selfishly perceived short-term gain despite any long-term loss for the rest of humanity. If you’re in one of those categories, you’re not really helping the human race any at the moment.

The other problem is the whole attitude that’s it’s just cool to be an asshole on the internet. Oh, I’m one to talk about it right, what with this blog full of my poor attempts at sarcasm and various arrogant rants or what not, it’s almost cliche at this point, however at least I can see that. Some people didn’t get the memo.

And while it can be funny at times, not everyone can be Maddox. First of all, outside the context of satirical writings, acting like that to people in reality is basically just being a douche bag. You can be blatant like Maddox, but then we know it’s a joke anyway, it’s too silly to take seriously. However, some people cross the line into actually hateful, abusive sort of crap and think they can play it cool by saying oh, I’m just the internet prankster, you’ve fallen for it!

Oh, wise and funny internet prankster, you clearly aren’t cliche at all! Try growing a pair and acting the same way in real life, no, you hide behind the keyboard. I think that’s the difference between most of these phonies and myself, you could talk to me about any of this stuff in real life and I’d be just as real about it as I am online, but these people? Forget it, they’re afraid, they’re not risk takers, why else are they hiding behind a mask while they poke fun at others? It’s weakness in disguise, if anything.

It’s making me start to hate social media in general, and in fact, I’m starting to wonder if it wouldn’t hurt to spend a bit less time on the internet in general. While it can be a source of knowledge, it’s also a source of some of the greatest stupidities. Not all ideas are born equally, and most people are not as smart as the internet makes them think they are.

How many people would still be spewing all these bullshit ideas, causes, prejudices, and what not, if it hadn’t come from the media some where? How many people would actually bother to purposely re-invent the wheel, for the sake of seeing if they came to the same conclusion without that outside influence? Or, you can just search for it on google and find some guy on yahoo groups to tell you to go fuck yourself. The end.

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