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June 8, 2016

Bi is the new straight part 2: Transgenderism as a medical fad

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So, with recent stories about transgender males winning sports competitions, besides the human cock fighting being stupid, it brings up the issue of whether this is “fair.” Well, sports are never fair, we can’t clone people and have their clones compete. Sports competitions are useless entertainment, it’s like gambling, how long will this person’s body hold up, are they in peak condition, how is their training, will they trip and fall, it’s basically a joke, but people are very entertained by it for some reason…

All of this starts to get me wondering if physical transgenderism is putting a bandaid on psychological issues. like should we really be putting underage minors on hormone therapy and crap? I don’t know.

I’ve always been on the fence since i think people should be able to do what they want, but i mean, i feel like we’re trying too hard to pretend that genetically male people on hormones are somehow female when they never truly physically can be regardless of how they “feel.”

Then you get into chimeraism and hermaphrodites and all these weird fucking exceptions and it just makes the whole issue more bizarre. sexual reassignment for ambiguously gendered people used to be controversial and there was a huge movement to stop doing it to underage kids, but somehow if an otherwise normal kid decides it’s okay for themselves to have hormones/surgery, it’s okay to do it to them now. I don’t know. I really don’t know that it is.

i do wonder if society is being, almost too encouraging of the “solutions” to people who feel the other gender. like oh yeah we can fix that for ya, here’s a pill and if ya want we’ll plastic surgery ya up too. like this is the plastic surgery / pill fix for the problem. it’s like saying oh you’re depressed, here’s a zoloft. I don’t think that’s how this works, do these people really get any satisfaction from this? I’ve seen studies saying they usually aren’t any happier….

it’s a modern notion too, which further proves this “physical conversation” aspect has mental roots. i don’t mean that it’s genetic or not, it certainly could be genetic, what I mean is that you couldn’t just decide to have hormone therapy and surgery 200+ yrs ago. it didn’t exist. in fact – the notion of that wouldn’t have even been in your mind because society wouldn’t have put it there yet. we are very much creating part of this phenomena, and you better believe our for-profit medical system is taking every dime to the bank.

our country is obsessed with genital surgery, if you’re male and born here you’re lucky if you escape the knife, and it’s sad that america hasn’t caught up with the rest of the world on that one too. you better believe there’s profit motives all around.

here’s a whole new take: You could argue that psychologists used to classify homosexuality as a disorder and how is this any different – well, it isn’t, the angle is just wrong. The only difference is there wasn’t a doctor trying to sell them hormone pills and a sex change…but people HAVE tried to convert gays straight, people will try to convert people who feel the other gender, into the other gender, but neither truly ever works, does it….psychology might need some more research in this area for sure but i don’t think mankind has invented any working “fixes” as of yet. Isn’t “first do no harm” a big part of medicine? Stop this hormone and surgery bullshit, this is bad medicine all around.

see, I flipped it around from normal, since normally it’d be the psychologists job to try and “convert them normal”, but now with reassignment surgeries, it’s “to convert them to what they think is normal for them” but in reality what their job should be is to make them happy with who they are in the present, whether they do the surgery or not shouldn’t even be on the table.

P.S. Oh and by the way, who gives a fuck what bathroom people use. Per gender bathrooms are dumb anyway. Just build unisex bathrooms with separate doors instead of single bathrooms with crappy stalls (pun intended.) AKA Euro-style bathrooms. Those are way nicer anyway.

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